Franzsolo's and Flyfisher's Letterbox
Blue Hole

This box is temporarily absent, as its stamp was removed by 

a passerby and replaced with a dollar.  

Blue Hole
Near Yellow Springs, Green County, OH
John Bryan Park
Difficulty: Easy (if you have mastered Shavian by now)
Placed : 3 February ,2002 ~ by franzsolo...

Replaced : 13 February 2002 by flyfisher <><

For this letterbox you will need to brush up on your Shavian.  


There is another Blue Hole nearby, but it is in a part of the park system which is not open to letterboxing.  This letterbox started there and eventually found its way to a new and special home.  


John Bryan Park is the home of the Valley of the Frogs.  It seems like there are frogs all over!  In such a niche, a frog eating migrant fisher might find reason to stop.  If you are careful, you may find this fisher in his resting spot.  


You will be on a well traveled road.  Take care to not be observed searching, retrieving, or replacing the box and it will be there for others to find.


Begin at the parking lot for the lower picnic ground.  (From this same parking lot you can easily find at least 4 other letterboxes.)  For the Blue Hole, just follow these directions:



Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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