Flyfisher's Letterboxes
Beavercreek Island



Placed 7 September 2002 by Flyfisher

Near Beavercreek, Greene County, Ohio

Requires canoe or kayak to get to letterbox

Letterbox is a Geocache/Letterbox Hybrid


The Little Miami River winds through Greene County between wooded and secluded banks.  A number of fishing holes can be found and the river is full of smallmouth bass and carp.  


This little piece of heaven is best approached by canoe or kayak from the Little Miami River. I know of no other legal access. If you put in at US35 (Eagle Pass) and go downriver toward The Narrows at Indian Ripple Road, it is about 3/4 of the way there. Do not try to approach the letterbox from the private golf course. That would be the end of the box.


As Beaver Creek enters the Little Miami River, it forks North and South. Beavercreek Island is the piece of land that is formed by the branches of the creek and the river.


A desperate letterboxer might want to start at Indian Ripple road and walk upstream in watershoes about a half mile to the site. Note that there is one deep pool about a hundred yards long this way. Most of the rest is possible to walk with water shoes when the water level is down to summer's flow. I would suggest wearing a personal flotation device if you wade/swim to the cache, and also if you get there by paddlecraft. There are some tricky strainers along this section of the river.

When you get to the little bit of a beach where the northern fork of Beaver Creek reaches the Little Miami, to your south about 60 feet is a huge dead stump about 15 feet tall and 6 feet in circumference. It is the stump of a cotton wood tree.


The letterbox/cache is an ammo box tied to a small sapling behind the stump. Please keep it tied there so that the box survives the winter/spring high water crests.


There are some big fish in the pool just north of the cache. Bring your pole and cast about for some smallmouth!


Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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