1.               WR6TV    KR7CR
6200 foot Shasta Bally Mountain, home of WR6TV Amateur Television and Voice Repeaters

WR6TV Amateur TV

Output 3.400 gHz FM Video Vert. Pol.--- Input 3465 FM video Hor. Pol.
Input- 2398 mHz FM Video Hor.Pol.
Output-10.250 gHz  FM Video

  (Local co-ordination on 147.540  or 52.66 Simplex) 

WR6TV and KR7CR Voice Repeaters in the Redding, CA area

  • 224.860-PL 107.2
  • 52.66- PL 110.9,107.2
  •   927.125-PL 107.2
    442.850+PL 94.8

    Please do not remain connected for long periods of time--Limited bandwidth


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    How to receive WR6TV in the Redding Area            

    Other Open repeaters in the Redding,CA area

    145.350- PL107.2
    146.760- PL 107.2

      APRS    144.390


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