We welcome all hams interested in amateur television.
The best reception of WR6TV is on 3.4 ghz.  This signal is on 24/7.  This may sound complicated and expensive to do, but it is not.  We use old used analog C band satellite receivers with LNB's (low noise block convertor) that we purchased on eBAY or other web sites, mounted on old Directv or Dishnet dish antennas. .  Some of these receivers go for as little a 99 cent plus shipping. Models to look for are Pansat KR600, Microtek KR600, Standard MT620, Standard MT-630B, Aspen-Eagle AE4800A,Drake ESR1255 and others. I have paid anywhere from 1 to 120 dollars for a receiver.  The most important thing is that they cover 950mhz to above 1750mhz as their I.F. tuning range.
The LNB that is mounted on the small dish or horn antenna has a local oscillator of 5150 mhz and to receive 3.400 ghz the receiver I.F. will be 5150-3400=1750mhz.
There are a number of C-band LNB's available on eBay or the other web sites for 10 to 30 dollars.
Anyone interested in joining in on the ATV fun please contact us on email or on the air on 147.540 simplex, or 52.66 PL 107.2 in the Redding area. I have loaner receivers available if you want to give us a try.