Below Pictures Provided by Scott May
Camp Casey 1978 to 1980
CSC 2nd bn 72nd Armor

Scott May in 1978, prior to going to Korea

Wilson, Black, Alcarez, May, Titze

Hamill and Titze in the Starze Club

Hamshire, Hamill, Mac, Titze

Mike Titze and Frank Hamshire

Mike Titze Wedding Party

Harris, Marfill, Titze, Henderson, Ellis
Setting up a 4.2 Mortar

PFC Lee, Titze, and Sgt Kim

Ellis and Titze

Bose and the guys enjoying some off time

Scott May and Mike Titze

CSC 2nd 72nd Mortar Platoon

May, Wolf, Biswas, Harris, 1979

TDC in 1979

Another of TDC

Chenault at Mike's house

Wilson and Titze in Starze Club upstairs

Scott Kids
Scott and Daniel **** Ian (13), Cheyenne (10), John (15) **** Scott and Angela

Patty, Scott's Wife

Scott and Patty "In the Wind"

Mike Titze in Maine, 2009

Mike Titze and Scott May in 2009, Brothers Forever

(Were in 2nd 72nd Armor together 78-80)

Camp Casey, 1960 through 1970s

Pictures of Korea during the 60s

The History of Camp Casey Korea

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