Camp Rose to Camp Casey

Told by Walter Olin

The lead tank of A Co/1st Bn/ 72nd Armor moved out of the back gate at Rose at midnight 15 February 1971 with CO Cpt Dale W. Stewart in the TC position. He put me in the loaders' hatch to help with commo and navigation. I don't remember our driver. We traveled during the midnight to 4:00 a.m. curfew to avoid taffic, and most of the way stayed in creek beds to avoid damaging roads and bridges. It was bitter (Korea) cold and after the first mile or so, our M-60 broke though ice and water splashed on the 'scope', freezing it shut instantly and blinding the driver completely. Cpt Stewart had to steer the tank with voice commands to the blind driver all the way to Casey.

The 1st Bn 72nd Armor moved into Happy Valley on Feb 15th 1971, after the 2/31 departed

1st Bn 72 Armor, Happy Valley today

If you have any pics of the 1/72nd from 1971 through 1990 at Casey, please email them.

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A Company 17th Trans. Bn. area (Whats there today)

Pictures of Korea From 1960-61

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