See what it takes to become one of the few schools that get the chance to have their students talk to shuttle astronauts live during a shuttle mission!  After your school has demonstrated it ability to perform good and reliable space type of communications in the AMSAT PROGRAMS, NSS can help you apply to become one of the very few schools that are allowed to have actual direct communications with the NASA Space Shuttle while in earth orbit.

Astronauts on both the Shuttle and the Mir Space Station as well as the new International Space Station going up soon, often participate in these programs.

    Click on the picture of Astronauts Glenn and Brown to listen to an actual SAREX type of conversation between some students and the Astronauts.
    You will need a "Real Player" to be able to listen to the audio file. If you do not have "Real Player" installed on your computer simply click on the "free real player G2" logo above and it will take you to the official download site.

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