Weekend Time CDT Freq. Description
Mon-Sat 9:00am 14.2475 Displaced Peorians
Tuesday 9:00pm 147.255 Woodford County (023 DCS)
Tuesday 7:15pm 146.910 Tazwell County ESDA Net
Tuesday 8:00pm 146.790 Skywarn Net (103.5pl)
Tuesday 8:30pm 28.450 CIRC 10 Meter Open Net
Tuesday 9:00pm 146.94 CIRC Open Net (103.5pl)
Wednesday 9:00pm 147.060 Open Net Has Newsline
Wednesday 9:00pm 442.250 ARES Open Net (103.5pl)
Varies 147.100 Trader's Net (sometimes follows ARES Net)
Thursday 7:00pm 50.135 Open 6 Meter Net
Thursday 8:00pm 28.450 Vertical Thursday Open Net
Thursday 9:00pm 146.76 Open Net With Newsline (162.2pl)
Thursday 9:00pm 146.850 Open Net Peoria (103.5pl)
Sunday 8:15am 1.915 Open 160 Meter AM Net
Sunday 7:00pm 146.985 Clinton ARC Net
Sunday 8:30pm 147.075 Open Net With Newsline
Sunday 8:30pm 146.730 Open Net (123.0pl)
Daily 6:00pm 3.905 Illinois Sideband Net