Amateur Radio Club

Testing Sessions

Testing sessions are held by VEs, volunteer examiners for Amateur Radio Licenses and General Radio Operator (GROL)Licenses.

Amateur Radio Testing
Amateur Extra

Amateur Radio Testing is held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings of the month at 7pm at the Radio Club House. (Except November and December)

Contact the coordinator of volunteer examiners (VEs)
Brian Head, N5UWP, (817) 431-9158 and Tommy Davis, W5TCD, (817) 346-0381 to confirm the scheduled test time. Or email the webmaster at "contact info" on the homepage.

GROL testing

GROL testing is held as needed on the 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings of the month, but must be scheduled in advance with
Kevin Vickers.

Practice test generators are available on the web...  They will allow you to generate practice tests for your Amateur Radio License and GROL testing. This will prove invaluable as you prepare for your test.