Amateur Radio Club


We have changed our name. The Cowtown ARC is a descendent of the
Lockheed Martin Recreation Area Radio Activity.
We are organized as a Non-profit Corporation in Texas,
We are a 501c3 and ARRL Affiliate.

September and October

Texas Highway No. 1 – The Bankhead Highway in Texas, September 17, 2015
A special meeting of the Cowtown Amateur Radio Club will be held on 17 September. The meeting
will be held at Tarrant County College South Campus in the Student Center Living Room (second floor)
 at 7:00 PM. The public is invited and encouraged to attend and hear an excellent speaker on the topic.

MVPA 2015 Bankhead Highway Historic Military Vehicle Convoy.
September 19, 2015 until  October 17,2015
The Convoy Will Be In Fort Worth October 4-6, 2015
From 19 September 2015 until 17 October 2015 a “Bit of History” will be re-created with
the MVPA 2015 Bankhead Highway Historic Military Vehicle Convoy.
  Approximately 65 Old (and new) Military Vehicles will traverse the 1920’s course of the Bankhead Highway
from Washington, DC, to San Diego, CA.  About a third of this mileage is in the State of Texas from Texarkana
to El Paso.  It will arrive in Fort Worth the afternoon of 4 October and leave in the morning of 6 October. 
The event is sponsored by the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (  

Texas QSO Party
September 26-27, 2015

Fort Worth Daggett Montessori School ISS Contact
October 2015

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Cowtown Hamfest (Fort Worth)
We are planning for 2016 in January


Radio Club Calendar is located in Yahoo Groups join us and check it out...