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I guess I wasn't fast enough, in getting the files off of the KA5THB site, so I could post them up here on the new W5OMR site. C'est la vie! I've still got the pictures and it's just a matter of re-scanning them, and getting 'em back on here, again. patient...

inally I've gotten around to getting a scanner installed here, and who should I happen to see, when I get the first (of many) roll of film developed?

Pete Galindo, KI5SM

is pictured here, sitting

in front of his DX-100

and National Reciever.

Below is a picture of Pete's operating position.

(from top-left to right)
The National Reciever, DX100,
D-104, SWR bridge, Yaesu tranciever, an HQ110,
Heathkit VF-1 and DX-40, and another microphone that pete uses on the homebrewed 4-250 rig, that you can *almost* see to the right.

Look who's rebuilding!

It will certainly be good to hear that big signal from
Spring, TX
back on the air again!

The Flood of 1994 floated
everything down the creek for
John and Vicki.

They salvaged the business, and some Ham gear, but not much else!

We can (and SHOULD) thank John's XYL,
for the week vacation John recieved as a Fathers Day present.

Even Bill/WB5PKD wanted in on the act (grin)

John and Vicki own a Computer shop,
The Computer Fixer
there in Spring, TX

That's a push-pull pair of 250TH's, to eventually be modulated by some 813's, with the audio being driven with the WA5BXO Solid State Audio Driver circuitry.

Here's Otis/K5SWK at his original operating station, on Sylvania Road, in Houston, TX

Otis has been quite an inspiration to homebrewers all across the country. The entire rig is homebrewed! A single 833 in the final, modulated by a pair of 833's. Even the Exciter was homebrewed. Part of the K5SWK audio secret is the homebrewed speech-amp, that uses a pair of 6146's in the output section.
That little pink "Wallensach" reel-to-reel tape recorder has been used SEVERAL times, to fool other Hams into thinking they were talking to someone who wasn't even on the air ;-)

Here's Otis in current times. Same Rig, new QTH in Grangerland, TX (between New Caney and Cut-n-Shoot) and a New Paint job on the rig

Here's a look at Scotty/K5SPE out in Ozono, TX. Scotty ALWAYS puts in a whale of a signal here into San Antonio, with his pair of 833 final, and pair of 833 modulator!

The Infamous
"Ozona Bob"/W5PYT,
also from Ozona, TX.

The picture shown is of Bob with John/WA5BXO gazing longingly over some of Bob's "Treasures"

It is with a sad heart that it should be noted here, that on Friday, 6 March, 1998 Robert "Ozona Bob"/W5PYT Hoehertz suffered a major heart attack, and passed away around 4:30pm

Personally, I shall miss "Ozona Bob" and his commentary contained within the AM carriers, from Ozona, TX.

73, Bob

Here's what I call the "Texas Two Holer!" A pair of "John's" (smile):

WA5BXO left, and W5MEU right.

Note the BC-610 on the right, behind W5MEU. Beside it, to the left, is yet another BC-610. John has been known to be involved in two QSO's at the same time, one on 160m, and the other on 40m. At the same time, he has had the DX-100 setup on 10m, scanning there for carriers.

What a nice picture of Hams!

(l to r) Otis/K5SWK, Jeff/N5ECP, John/WA5BXO, Yogi(Joe)/KC5MIP and John/W5MEU all at John/MEU's house

And yet some more AM'ers!

AM seems to be

Here's ol' Joe/W5DFS sitting in front of his first "store-bought" rig - the Heathkit Twins.
An Apache and the complimenting Mohawk reciever.

Here's a look at the infamous "Titanic" in it's original form.

Starting at the top on the left side, there is the 250TH final, in push-pull and link coupled. That section is still in use, today. It is virtually unchanged except for some extra capacitance tied across the big B&W tuning condensor, to lower the operation down to 75m, and a couple of plate-cap chokes for parasitic supression. Below that was the Miesner Signal Drifter, then a couple of power supplies. John/W5MEU has the signal shifter, now.
On the right hand side, down around 2/3's the way down is the modulator deck. Originally, it had a pair of 203Z's (Zero biased 211's) and a 300w modulation transformer. Now, there's a big RCA 1:1 5,500 Ohm, 500w modulation transformer in there, delivering all the audio from a pair of 250TH's.
I've also got both final and modulator power supplies for the "Titanic" and will be pressing those into service, soon.

Operating Position of today's "Titanic"

"Operating your AM Rig without a scope, is like
driving your car at night, without headlights!"

-Don Chester/K4KYV

In front of the scope, is the D-104. The other mic, I think, is a JT-30 with an Astatic MC-127 cartridge in it. Moving left, at the top is the cassette recorder, for signal reports, fed into the modified Bogen PA system used as the speech-amp, which is sitting on the chassis that houses the
WA5BXO Solid-State audio driver.
Follow the link for everything related to it.

All that's left is the Field-Strength meter, and under it, is the Hallicrafter SX-73 (R-274"D") general coverage reciever. What shack would be complete, without a Vibroplex bug? ;-)
And, here we have the entire Final and Modulator.
At the top of the short rack, sits the exciter, the Hallicrafter HT-37. Under it, are 4 large chokes, at many hundreds of milliamps, totalling 58 Henrys, at one-half amp. Below the reactor, are the push-pull 250TH's in the modulator. Under the modulator, is the power-supply - a Heatkit SB-221, with the 3-500Z's pulled and kept for safe keeping.
On the right, the Final. Hidden behind the very top panel is a big spilt-stator cap, across the B&W Tuning capacitor to provide enough "C" for 75m Operation.
Under the Final is the antenna switch-bank. Below that is the step-variable transformer that rus the filaments for the 250TH's (but not the 3B28's in the power supply below the step-variable transformer.) The cluster of three meters on the aluminum chassis, is the upper portion of the home-brewed Vari-ac, for the primary of the plate supply.

And there you have the station at W5OMR.

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