PARC's Heritage
Peninsula Amateur Radio Club - W4MT - Newport News, Virginia
"Amateur Radio At Its Very Best..."

About the PARC's Heritage Author...Fred Field, N6FY...
N6FY at work on PARC's Heritage.
     Researched and documented the early days of Ham radio on the Peninsula and the PARC organization.  Fred, a retired electrical engineer now living in Fullerton California, grew up in Newport News some seventy years ago and became active in amateur radio at an early age.  As with most kids of the great depression period, he had very limited resources and depended heavily upon some of the old timers. Fred has a unique knowlege of the early days with the flavor of old Newport News. Take some time and review what Fred has gathered. He has much more material... far more than is practical to publish on a website. If you have questions about someone who is not included in the published material, check with Fred.   (click) More About Fred, N6FY
                          Fred W Field,  1516 Avenida Selva,  Fullerton CA 92833

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