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Amateur - from the Latin root "amator" = a lover;  Radio - as in radio communications. Thus,  Amateur Radio is the Love of Radio Communication!
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Technician License Classes Start Soon

WGARS is offering a free eight-week Technician class license course, to prepare prospective hams for the next amateur radio test session, being held on April 3rd. The course starts on Wednesday, February 11th, and meets each Wednesday from 7-8 PM through March 31st.

The classes will be held at the  Carrollton Community Center on South White Street, across from the rear of the BB&T bank. Students will need a copy of Now You're Talking, available from ARRL for $19.95. Tom Baxter, N4TLB is teaching the course, and he can be contacted at 770-562-2098 for more information and to register.

American Heart Association Annual Bike Ride

I would like to thank every one that helped out on the WEST GEORGIA 100 Bike ride Sunday June 1 2003.

Special thanks to the ones that manned the rest stops and check points.
  1. N4UQB & KG4EUK
  2. N4FWD & KF4BUJ
  3. KG4MXU
  4. KE4FJI & KF4EHY
  5. KG4UEL
  6. W4XLA
  7. KG4SIX
  8. KB4GHI
  9. KE4FEM
  10. K4DEY

Some operators spending just about all day from 7:45 AM till 4:00 PM plus every one did a swell Job, Thanks to all. We had a heart today now some one that needs a good one may get one that works.
May God bless all!

Larry Revis
V.P. Over Programs

AHA Bike ride de N4FWD

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