Charter of ARRL Affiliation - February 17, 1922

Scenes from the Reading Radio Club's Past
Part One

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QSL from our Club Station at the Reading Airport
(The present site of GPU headquarters)

History of the Reading Radio Club

Soviets visit Berks County Superstation of Steve Dobbs, NE3F

Tribute to Harold E. Schearer -
W3MB by Albert J. Brailer - W3UQC,

read on November 12, 1994 at the dedication of
the Albright College FM Radio Station Tower

Early QSL of W3CBL - Reading Naval Radio Reserve Assn.
and QSL of W3PFT - Reading Radio Club c1953

QSL of Stanton Bast - 3CCH c1926
and QSL of Stewart Resch - 3TF c1926

Spark Gap Station of Harold Landis W3LP in 1920
located at 341 N. Front Street, Reading, PA

Early Licenses of James Marx - W3BN (1947, 1950)

LCDR Harold Landis, USNR- W3LP
Check out his credits! (1940)

Reading Radio Club's Charter of Affiliation - February 17, 1922

Pagoda Award Certificate

National Certificate of Merit to RRC - Nov. 1977

ARRL's Special Service Club Certificate with Endorsements

Milton Artz WA3APN, Elmer Worth K3YNN,
Stew Ringler W3EYN, Bob Wagner W3GII

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Let us know if you have old photographs or clippings
from Club activites of long ago.

An ARRL Special Service Club

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