Charter of ARRL Affiliation - February 17, 1922

Scenes from the Reading Radio Club's Past
Part Two

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Reading Radio Club Two Meter 417-A Converter Club Project

Al Brailer W3UQC, Gil Crossley W3YA, Rich Ahrens W3WJC

Rich Ahrens W3WJC, Hugh Turnbull W3ABC, Brian Beitler KC3QB

Russ Frederick W3CDS, Harry Hackerty W3BOL,
James Marx W3BN, Stanton Bast W3CCH

Rich Ahrens W3WJC, Charlie Hummel K3BFA,
Stew Ringler W3EYN, Herb Cohen K3KHV

Homebrew Equipment at Field Day (Date unknown)
Gerry Kaufman W3EWA, James Marx W3BN, Stanton Bast W3CCH

PA Governor George M. Leader signs License Plate Bill, 1955

Ed Gurtowski, W3BHS & Harold Schearer W3MB -
QCWA 70th Anniversary Award

Reading Radio Club Officers 1964

Reading Radio Club Officers 1965

Reading Radio Club Officers Dec 15, 1966

Reading Radio Club Officers April 1969

Reading Radio Club Officers January 1972

Reading Radio Club Banquet April 1958

Reading Radio Club Banquet April 1959

Reading Radio Club Banquet April 1962

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