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    Ham News


         Amateur Radio Newsline Real Audio Weekly Broadcast and Script

         ARRLWeb: ARRL Audio News

         The ARRL Letter

         Ham Radio Online

         CQ Magazine Home Page

         Ham Radio News - News from the Ham to the Ham

         Jim's Gazette

        WPA Section News

        n e o a m a t e u r . o r g  -   the bleeding edge of Amateur Radio technology

    Emergency & Public Service

        Emergency Email Network

        ARRLWeb: Amateur Radio Public Service

        Public Service/Emergency Communications - Certification

        ARRL ARES Field Manual   ARES Resource Manual

        Pittsburgh NWS

        PA Weather Radar

        Weather Conditions via APRS

        Amateur Radio Reference Library  - Great emergency reference information

        W0IPL Earthlink Page

        Western Pennsylvania Emergency Communications

        KF4BQF Emergency Operation and Preparedness

        SPARC  Check out their awesome field support van

        HQ US Army MARS

        PEMA - Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

        FEMA: EMI's Independent Study Program

        Interesting Article On Keeping Lead Acid Batteries Up to Snuff

    ARRL Resources

        ARRLWeb: The Club President's Workbook

        ARRL Atlantic Division

        PA Section Home Page

    State and Regional

         Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council Home Page

         Pa QSO Party Home Page

         N3NTJ-Amateur Radio Nets of Local Interest

         Butler County Amateur Radio Association

         Local Repeaters

    Callbooks, Online Exams, Etc.

         University of Arkansas U.S. Amateur Radio Callsign Lookup Page

         www.eHam.net Home - Amateur Radio on the Internet

         ARRLWeb: W1AW Code Practice Files

         QRZ.COM Ham Radio Callsign Server



    Ham Humor -Cartoons Only Hams Would Understand


`        Hamtoons

         CW Humor

    HF Operating

         US Amateur Radio Frequencies

         Considerate Operator's Frequency Guide

         Amateur Radio Atlantic Region Nets.

         Ham Radio Beacons

         Ham Radio Beacons

         NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Network

         eQSL.cc Home Page - eQSL.cc  Online QSL'ing

         Western PA DX Association

         NG3K Amateur Radio Contest/DX Page

         WA7BNM Contest Calendar Main Page


    Ham Mega Links

         AC6V Amateur Radio & DX Reference Guide

         K1DWU Dot Net (Lots of links)

         K3URT Amateur Radio Web Links

         KB9JJA Ham Radio

         Open Directory - Recreation: Amateur Radio

         Calling CQ: Ham Radio Links

    Other Ham Resources

         N9VV PSK31 Resources

         HAM Online Resources

         Mark A. Downing, WM7D

         dxbands.com - The Amateur Radio Portal on the Web - Home Page

         www.mods.dk - The #1 site for modification for hamradios

         HOMING IN -- Radio Direction Finding

         XMIT ID version 2.61 Transmitter Fingerprinting Software

         Scanner Recorder Home Page  Neat software that turns your computer into a monitoring recorder

         NB6Z - Digital HF Ham Radio

         MM Hamsoft - Free Ham Software

         K3WWP's Ham Radio Activities

         Beginner's Guide to Digital Radio

         Packet With a Sound Card

         QRZ.COM APRS Resources

         United States Early Radio History

         QTH.Net Mailing Lists

         MorseMail  CW Via E-mail