Organization Affiliations

Ham Radio has been my primary hobby for the past 30 years and in that time I have particpated and continue to participate in a variety of Amateur Radio organizations.

My first call was WNØMHP as a Novice, then WBØMHP as Conditional and Advanced. To celebrate my 25th anniversary as a ham I obtained my vanity call WØMHP.

El Paso County R.A.C.E.S.

In June of 1991, the Disaster Services Manager of El Paso County decided that Amateur Radio support in the form of R.A.C.E.S. would be a valuable communications asset to El Paso County. I was asked to form the El Paso County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (R.A.C.E.S.).

My tenure as RACES Officer lasted until January 1995 when I had to take a medical leave of absence. I was able to become active again in March of 1997.

El Paso County R.A.C.E.S. is now sponsored by the Emergency Services Division of the El Paso County Sheriff's Department and under the direction of the Office of Emergency Management.

Pikes Peak Radio Amateur Radio Association (PPRAA)

I joined the Pikes Peak Radio Amateur Association (PPRAA) in 1976 at the same time I started working on upgrading to Advanced. Some of the many PPRAA activities in which I have participated include:

Central States VHF Society (CSVHFS)

I was active in weak-signal VHF/UHF in the late 1970's and early 1980's. During that time I was an active member of the Central States VHF Society. In 1980, I was convention chair for the CSVHFS annual convention held in Colorado Springs.

In addition to the convention planning, organizing, and hosting, I had time to build a wooden-boom 432 MHz long-boom YAGI that not only worked but won first place in the antenna measurement contest. I keep promising myself that I will again get involved with the CSVHFS.

Cheyenne Mountain Repeater Group (CMRG)

Although FM and repeaters are not my main interest in Amateur Radio, they are very helpful in keeping in touch with local hams. I am a member of the Cheyenne Mountain Repeater Group (CMRG).

Traffic Nets

I routinely participate in HF Traffic Nets. I am a member of the Colorado High Noon net, which meets daily on 7240 kHz at 1200L mountain time and the Colorado Columbine Net, which meets nightly at 0200 UTC on 3989 kHz. I also periodically check into the Southwest Traffic Net which meets nightly at 2030L central time on 3935 kHz.

Colorado Repeater Association (CRA)

The Colorado Repeater Association (CRA) has a system of linked repeaters that covers Colorado Springs to the north as far as Cheyenne Wyoming. I am member of the CRA because I use it to chat with my family members in Denver, Colorado.

10-10 International

My 10-10 number is 25186. I am not currently active in 10-10 International, I will again get active when time allows.

Pikes Peak Chapter 10-10

The Pikes Peak Radio Amateur Association (PPRAA) Sponsored a 10-10 Chapter, the Pikes Peak Chapter 10-10. I am Charter Member #13 and Summit Award #13. A few of our members are working on resurecting our local chapter.


I am a trained Skywarn Weather Spotter. Because there are so many trained spotters here in Colorado Springs I don't usually particpate on a regular basis. However, because of my affiliation with emergency agencies, it is helpful to be trained if nothing more than self-survival.

Transmitter Hunting

Although not an organization as such, Transmitter Hunting (also known as Fox Hunting) is a favorite activity of mine. The amateur that hides the transmitter is known as the "fox" and the object is to use direction finding techniques to find the "fox" in the least number of miles driven. There are a variety of methods of direction finding, a view of my techique is a 3-element yagi. Yes, that's an antenna rotor and it's powered by an inverter.

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