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I dedicate this webpage to my wife and children and in the honor of God. Without their love, support and understanding I would not have been able to participate in Amateur Radio to the extent I have been able to for the past 30 years. My love for radio started as a child while listening to my grandfather's Philco console radio after church on Sundays.

I also want to thank my elmers (mentors) Ray, AAØL (ex. WØWYZ) and Dave, NØKM (ex. WBØNLA), for their help in getting me started in Amateur Radio and their continued friendship.

David (KC2INR)       Doug (WØMHP)         John          
Our Family
            Anne (KCØQHB)       Cheri   Nicole   Christina                                        
              Megan   Kendra   Ryan      Jarrod     Austin     Andrew                            

Our Hobbies Amateur Radio                    
RV Travel
                Soldier's Home Lake, Monte Vista, CO
              (Where I learned to fish when I was young)

WØMHP's Employer I retired from Agilent Technologies after 34 years as an on-line technical support engineer for high-performance oscilloscopes, logic anlayzers, and hardware/software debugging tools for microprocessor system designers. Agilent Technologies became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard November 1999. It became an independent company in June 2000. Agilent designs and supplies equipment for communications, electronics, life sciences and the healthcare industries.

Amateur Radio Organizations Besides my on-the-air activities, I am active in numerous Amateur Radio Organizations. In addition, there are other groups I have been active in or continue to support.

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Latest Project After a number of years the antenna farm needed some attention. Click on the links below to see pictures of the latest antenna party.
              "Going Up"   "On Top"   "The Work Crew"   "All Done (DX Time)"

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