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10.59degree N     76.98 degree E

According to ancient manuscripts, Coimbatore's history can be traced to the Irula tribal chief Kovan and his clan who were it's earliest settlers and the founders of "Kovanpatti " a part of  KONGUNADU. Years later, the surrounding forests were cleared, and a new village was formed called "Kovanputhur"which over the years came to be known as "Coimbatore"

In spite of it's prominence as a bustling industrial city, Coimbatore still remains one of the most pollution free citiesin India. Covering an area of  23.5 square kilometers, the city houses some of the biggest names in Indian Industry. The major industries include textiles, textile machinery, automobile spares,motors, electronics,steel and aluminium foundries. Tirupur - a neighbouring town has carved a niche for itself in the garments market. Agriculture however remains the major occupation. The rich fertile oil and tropical climate is excellent for the growth of millet, paddy, cotton, tea, oilseeds and tobacco.The city is also known for it's educational institutions. Coimbatore Agricultural University is renowned as one of the best colleges of it's kind in South Asia. In spite of it's industrial and technological growth , traditions and age old customs are still held in high esteem. The temples bear witness to the religiousness and love of art and architecture of the people. There are also a number of places of tourist interest around Coimbatore. Ootacamund (Ooty for short), is one of the most popular tourist spots in India.



Situated at an altitude of 409 metres above sea level,
Coimbatore experiences mild winters and moderate summers.


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