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Operator...Bhanu..... QTH ...... NOIDA .......15 Kms S/E of New Delhi .......Latitude 28.34 N.........Longitude -77.19 E

" AT0MB " is my Contest Special Call sign. Look out for me in CQWW SSB Contest.





Me and My Shack







Amatuer Radio Examination form

Beam Heading Programme

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Contact Information

Street address
R 231 Sector 21, Jalvayu Vihar, Noida 201301 India

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Amateur Radio Internet Points of Interest

Contest Calendars

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Contest Rules and Log Filing Info

  2. ARRL Contest Calendar
  4. Options on Filing ARRL Contest Logs
  5. ARRL General Rules and filing info
  6. ARRLWeb: ARRL Suggested Standard File Format
  7. CQWW Site

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Amateur Radio Clubs

  1. American Radio Relay League - W1AW
  2. RAC Radio Amateurs of Canada
  3. Baltimore Amateur Radio Club
  4. Boston Amateur Radio Club
  5. JARA Jamaica
  6. ARI Italy
  7. Western Washington DX Club
  8. Texas DX Society
  9. Goddard Amateur Radio Club
  10. Yankee Clipper Contest Club
  11. Central Arizona DX Association CADXA
  12. IARC - Israel Amateur Radio Club
  13. Kentucky Contest Group
  14. Frankford Radio Club
  15. Birmingham (Alabama) Amateur Radio Club
  16. Palomar Amateur Radio Club
  17. Valley Radio Club of Oregon
  18. Yukon Amateur Radio Association
  19. Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club
  20. Nagoya University Radio Club (JA2YKA)
  21. IQ4T
  22. Anne Arundel Radio Club
  23. Southern Maryland Amateur Radio Club
  24. EDR Hvidovre Club
  25. University Club Stations
  26. Montgomery ARC
  27. VB9DH Group
  28. The Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
  29. Baltimore Radio Amateur Television Society
  30. Edison Radio Amateurs Association
  31. W3USS Capitol Hill Amateur Radio Society
  32. Contest Club Finland
  33. The Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Club
  34. Univ of Texas ARC RF Safety Calculator
  35. Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society
  36. Carroll County Club
  37. NIH Amateur Radio Club
  38. NIH Listening Post
  39. Winchester Amateur Radio Society
  40. Japanese Amateur Radio League
  41. Stingray City Contest Group ZF1A
  42. Carolina DX Association

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  1. E44DX
  2. 5V7A
  3. 3B7RF
  4. H40AA
  5. A61AJ
  6. Oceania DX Group Aussie dx cluster on the Internet
  7. Estonia - Kohtla-Jarve Ham-Radio Group
  8. JA1BK includes BS7H info
  9. THE DAILY DX Homepage by W3UR
  10. QRZ DX
  11. DXer.Com
  12. Marion Island (ZS8) Active Again
  13. Mariana Islands DX Association
  14. The 59(9) DXReport
  15. TY5A
  16. XZ1N
  17. Oklahoma DX Association
  18. Tulsa Amateur Radio Club
  19. The Northern Ohio DX Association (NODXA)
  20. DX Summit by OH2AQ
  21. Licensing Abroad
  22. KX9X QTH Rental Page
  23. DX NL DX Bulletin
  24. GJ4ICD web site
  25. 425DX Bulletin Plus XR0Y QSL Info
  26. KA9FOX DX Bulletins, Dxpedition Pictures
  27. Solar Terrestrial DispatchGlobal Maximum Usable Frequency Maps. Global Maps of the F2-Layer Critical (Penetration) Frequency and more.
  28. Geophysical Institute Auroral Forecast Maps
  29. US Dept of Commerce NTIA/ITS Site (VOACAP,
    ICEPAC propagation software download site)
  30. DXbase WWW Home Page
  31. K1BV DX Awards Directory
  32. North Jersey DX Association
  33. Kansas City DX Club - Dayton Pileup Results
  34. Arkansas DX Association
  35. Northern California DX Club
  36. Northern California DX Foundation
  37. Martlesham DX and Contest Group - G0KPW and M6T
  38. Who's who on 160 meters
  39. AC6V Ham Radio Links
  40. K3KY DX Toolbar
  41. DXing.COM

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Audio on the Internet

  1. Real Audio - Listen to Audio on the Internet
  2. Web Controlled Receiver
  3. The Amateur Radio Listening Post
  4. N6TR Top Band Sound Bites via KM9P ftp site
  5. Amateur Radio Newsline' in real audio
  6. VocalTec Internet Phone
  7. RptrLink - Repeater Link Use the above link and this one to configure your radio to talk over the Internet QST Dec '96 p. 37

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Non Radio Interesting Sites

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Contest Info

  1. CQWW Page
  2. T48RCT DXpedition
  3. Virginia QSO Party
  4. Air Force QSO Party
  5. CQ CONTEST Magazine including latest calendar
  7. National Contest Journal - NCJ
  8. WPX web site by N8BJQ
  9. OH2KI CQ WW DX Contest Homepage
  10. KA9FOX Score Rumors, rules, records, mailing list summaries
  11. Contesting.com 3830
  12. Contesting On-line Stories
  13. YCCC Contest Cookbook
  14. Scandinavian Activity Contest SK3BG
  15. NCJ Index
  16. Contest Club Finland's Web site OH6YF
  18. The Florida Contest Group
  19. ON7LR
  20. WRTC 200
  21. Northern California Contest Club

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Contest Scores
Reports from the Internet, ARRL FTP Site, and CQ CONTEST

  1. CQWW (Email) logs received to date
  2. CQWW.com
  3. Reports on CQ CONTEST web site
  4. ARRL 10 Meter Contest
  5. 1995 CQWW DX CW
  6. Sweepstakes SSB
  8. Contesting.com 3830

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  1. American Radio Relay League - W1AW
  2. Federal Communications Commission
  3. FCC License Online Renewal Info
  4. FCC Forms
  5. FCC Latest License Exam info fpt site
  6. RSGB
  7. Wireless Institute of Australia
  8. Guernsey Amateur Radio Index
  9. T-MARC
  10. Virginia ARES/RACES
  11. National Telecommunications and Information Administration Includes Office of Spectrum Management. Links to Spectrum Plans

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  1. AMSAT-NA Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
  2. Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
  3. The Space Environment Lab's current solar forecast
  4. SAREX
  5. Aurora Home Page
  6. Current Solar Images
  7. Solar Terrestrial DispatchGlobal Maximum Usable Frequency Maps. Global Maps of the F2-Layer Critical (Penetration) Frequency and more.
  8. Solar Charts
  9. Ashley's Space World
  10. Space Shuttle Audio Frequencies
  11. Predicts Satellite passes for your QTH
  12. Solar and Heliospheric Observatory Mysteries about the mechanics of the sun
  13. High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program Click Announcement for March 8 SWL test
  14. Space Environment Center - NOAA
  15. Three Day Ionospheric Forecast
  16. Australian Government Radio and Space Services   (Great Sunspot info and more)

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Callsign Search Engines

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Packet and RTTY

  1. Telnet Access to DX Packets Clusters
  2. DX Cluster Website
  3. OH2BUA WebCluster
  4. The Packet Radio Home Page
  5. TAPR home page
  6. Canada's National Capital Region Packet Radio WWW
  7. RTTY info and WF1B Contest Software
  8. TNC Wiring and more
  9. The RTTY Loop Home Page
  10. KA5ZTX Packet Info
  11. KaWin Digital Communications Software
  12. TAPR Digital Directory
  13. Packet Cluster Manual
  14. DXTelnet Software
  15. British Amateur Radio Teledata Group

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World Wide Web Search Engines and Useful URL's

  1. Yahoo
  2. Alta Vista
  3. Robots, Wanderers, Spiders
  4. WebCrawler Home Page
  5. Dejanews.com
  6. Infoseek
  7. SaavySearch
  8. The World Wide Web Worm
  9. All-In-One Search
  10. GOTO.com
  11. AllinOneSearch
  12. YahooPeople Search
  13. Switchboard.com - Entire U.S. searchable Telephone Directory
  14. U.S. and World Travel - National Parks and Attractions
  15. LookupUSA
  16. 555-1212.com
  17. Bigbook.com
  18. Internic
  19. HotBot
  20. Search Engine for Electronic Companies
  21. Search Engine Watch

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