VK3 IRLP Project

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This page outlines a project to setup one or more IRLP (Internet Radio Linking Project) nodes in the Melbourne area. Information will include project history, current status and other relevant information. Stay tuned, as this page will change frequently. For more information about IRLP in general, please see my IRLP in Australia page.

History - The Windows Beginning.

The idea to link VK3 repeaters into the IRLP network goes back to January 2001. Then, Peter, VK2YX, coordinated a project to link VK repeaters using the Windows based IPhone software for Australia Day (January 26). At the time, there was no one in VK3 with any plans to link a repeater, so I stepped in and volunteered to get a link happening for the day. On January 26, the VK3RSR 2 metre repeater was linked to the temporary network using IPhone for 15 hours continuous. The link was very successful and was popular with amateurs around Melbourne. In March, another Iphone link was operated, this time, a simplex link for the purpose of enabling the VI3GP special event station to work distant stations via the IPhone repeater network.

IRLP arrives in Australia.

In April 2001, two events occured which led to the push to link VK3 to the rest of the world. The first was the linking of VK2RBM in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, to the IRLP network. This gave Sydney based amateurs Australia's first taste of IRLP, and impressed those who came to experience the system. The second event was my own visit to Sydney (which was for work reasons). During my stay, I was able to use the IRLP system myself and saw the benefits and performance it offered. I resolved to link Melbourne with the IRLP network.

An Idea Takes Hold.

On my return to Melbourne, I tossed around the idea of IRLP linked repeaters among the afternoon drive time regulars on 70cm. Several amateurs liked the sound of the IRLP, and are now interested in assisting with the project. In addition, another amateur had been working independently towards an IRLP link, and is willing to join forces with anyone else interested.

In the first week of May 2001, we had the first really serious discussions about IRLP on the VK3RSE repeater. Within 2 days, the discussion had turned from an idea to a plan, and much of the hardware required for the project had already been offered, as well as financial and other assistance.

Current Status and Timeline.


October 6, 2001

September 30, 2001

August/September 2001


June 17-23

June 17

June 16

June 13

June 11

June 8

June 4

May 27

May 25

May 15

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May 12

May 11

May 7

May 6

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May 3

May 2

April 28

April 20-25

March 4

January 26

January 20-25


Thanks to:

The following people and organisations have contributed time, money or hardware to the VK3 IRLP project. This list will be regularly updated, and has been presented in no particular order.

Can you help?

If you or your club is interested in offering assistance to get an IRLP node up and running in VK3, please drop me an email to [email protected], or catch me on VK3RSE during drive time.

More Information.

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