VK3JED IRLP and Echolink Nodes

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This page describes my own IRLP and EchoLink nodes. Unlike other IRLP nodes, VK3JED has no permanent frequency assignment, and is not a 24x7 service. Instead, this IRLP node is used or made available for the following activities as required:

Because some of these activities can be disruptive to normal repeaters or nodes, and may also meet with disapproval from repeater owners or users (e.g. SSTV), I decided to build a node which could meet those needs, as well as gain the ability to host live demonstrations of IRLP in areas where there is no existing IRLP node (as long as there is an Internet connection available). This will give interested parties a better idea of what IRLP is all about, and what it could offer them.

Within its first week of operation, the VK3JED IRLP node participated in the first SSTV over IRLP tests in Australia with great success.

Status update:

March 2002 - The system can be switched to 70 cm, with the aquisition of an AWA RT-85 ex commercial UHF radio. The radio still needs a little more work to remove some residual code left over from its former role. This sometimes triggers and causes the radio to behave strangely. otherwise the system works well on 70cm. A new interface box will be built to allow 2m, 70cm and a second PC to be a part of the node simultaneously.

March 2002 - A clone of the node has been built on a laptop PC. This clone system will be used for public demonstrations of IRLP in areas out of reach of the permanent IRLP nodes.

June 2002 - The VK3JED-L EchoLink node is brought online.

August 2002 - The IRLP node is being used to develop and test some major enhancements to the core IRLP scripts.  

August 2002 - The EchoLink node is testing both Windows and Linux EchoLink software.

VK3JED IRLP Node configuration

The VK3JED node is much like any other node, in that it consists of a PC running Linux and the IRLP software connected to a radio. The IRLP PC also acts as a firewall and access router for other locally connected PCs, and is configured to support many popular Internet applications. A portable version of the node has been built to facilitate easy public and club demonstrations.

Technical Specifications.

This is the configuration of the node as at September 2001 (Shack version).

Portable version of the node is as follows:

Unfortunately, the portable version didn't work out, due to printer port incompatibilities, so the machine has been utilised as a wireless LAN router.

VK3JED EchoLink Node configuration

The VK3JED-L EchoLink  node provides one of the few EchoLink services in Melbourne.  Like its IRLP counterpart, the EchoLink node is an attended part time system running on a simplex frequency (usually 439.075 MHz).

Technical Specifications.

This is the configuration of the node as at August 2002 (Windows version).


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