Repeater Linking via Internet (VOIP) Information page

Created 23rd August 2001, last updated 18th December, 2017

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol

I-phone is/was the earliest form of internet linking, adapted by radio amateurs, to interlink amateur radio repeaters
and or simplex frequencies, a first generation attempt at this technology within amateur radio.

IRLP a 2nd generation adaptation of I-phone, created in Canada, by Dave Cameron VE7LTD, suited for secure linking of
amateur radio repeaters. IRLP is Linux based, for PC's. Again, Canada at the forefront of development in amateur radio
as was the case with amateur Packet Radio.

iLink is another 2nd generation adaptation if I-phone, created in England, by Graham M0CSH, for linking of amateur
radio repeaters, but with access from PC users (headset users) like I-Phone. iLink is MS-Windows based for PC's.

eQSO is another form of internet gateway, access via RF gateways, or PC (headset) user, like iLink, except that
you connect to conference rooms, actually logical repeaters, like the old packet conference bridges. Created by Paul M0ZPD
in England.

EchoLink is the next generation iLink, created by K1RFD, supports PC to PC, or Repeater and Link interface gateways

EchoIRLP is the Echolink functionality and interfacing, operating from an IRLP node, to provide gatewaying between IRLP
network and EchoLink network

Echolink client App is now available for Android phones and iPhone,
Echolink Node Finder App and IRLP Node Finder App is also available for Android and iPhone

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EchoLink by K1RFD
SvxLink - a Linux based Echolink Server on Sourceforge
Qtel - a Linux based Echolink Client, use it in conjunction with SvxLink Server
TheBridge - conference bridge for use with Echolink & EchoIRLP
TheLinkBox (TLB) - conference bridge/client/radio interface for Echolink (based on TheBridge)
IRLP Status page
IRLP homepage - Internet Repeater Linking Project

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