Overview of Philips FM-814 & FM-815 VHF/UHF FM base station transceivers.

Created 29th August 2003, last updated 14th December, 2012

FM-815 :

FM815's are all UHF models and were built in the following bands:-


Tx815/T    400 - 420 MHz

Tx815/U    450 - 480 MHz

Tx815/W1   480 - 500 MHz

Tx815/W2   500 - 520 MHz


Rx815 Mk1  400 - 470 MHz T & U bands (with cap and xtal multiplication changes)

Rx815 Mk3  Same coverage range as for transmitters as shown above. These receivers were based on UHF FM828 mobile units.

Rx815 Mk4  These units are a mixture of FM828 (LO strip)& FM92 (frontend & IF) technologies and are superior units to Mk1
& Mk3 units. The U band units tune straight down to the 70cm band without modification & give commendable performance.

FM-814 :

FM814 is the nomenclature used for the VHF units. They are based upon FM828 VHF mobile PCB's, with a 50W afterburner.
Models are as follows:-

A band    148 - 174 MHz VHF High Band

B band    118 - 136 MHz (from memory) These were built for use by DCA/Air Services use by their ground radio staff.

E band     70 -  85 MHz VHF Mid Band (formerly known as VHF Low Band)

G band     30 -  45 MHz VHF Low Band in three sub bands.

overview supplied by Paul VK1BX

NOTE: only licensed Amateur Radio operators can operate this modified equipment on assigned Amateur frequencies/bands.

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