AWA RT-80 (E-band) Conversion Mods for 6 metre Amateur band

Created 13th January 2003, last updated 17th November, 2008

Modifications to an AWA Carphone model RT-80 to convert its operation from commercial VHF low band (70-85 MHz) to 6 metre HAM band
This covers the 10 channel, Xtal controlled, low Band VHF, 25 watt output ( E band model)
This is transceiver is predecessor to the EPROM programmable version, AWA RT-85 series.
The RT-80 and RT-85 models were manufactured by Hitachi Denshi Ltd in Japan.

Both RT-80 is characterised as a mobile base unit, approx 25cm L, 15cm W, 6cm D, with heatsink at one end, two IDC
connectors at the other end, one 26 pin for remote head connection a 20 pin connector, a BNC antenna socket and 13.8V DC power lead.
The remote Head, includes 10 position, thumbwheel channel selection plus Volume and Mute controls and TX & RX indication LEDS.
It has a permanently connected microphone and coily cord.

The E band Receiver can be modified to work on 6m FM, but will NOT work on 10m FM
The E band Transmitter can be modified to work on both 6m FM and 10m FM.


I do have a photocopy of most of the Service Manual for this radio, courtesy of Peter VK2ZTV.

The circuits are available here for A & E band.
download circuits for AWA RT-80 A & E band (PDF format)

NOTE: December 2008 - the complete service manual and ccts have been uploaded to the RT85 group on YahooGroups

NOTE: only licensed Amateur Radio operators can operate this modified equipment on assigned Amateur frequencies/bands.

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