Down East Microwave Inc. Supplier of amateur radio equipment for 50MHz and above
Microwave Modules
SHF design: Optical Communications Equipment and Broadband Amplifiers
DFE, Transverter+Microwellen-Bausteine
R.F.Components: Philipp Prinz - DL2AM
Kuhne electronic - DB6NT
DB6NT Transverter-Systeme
WA6CGR Microwave Project Page
K6OW Microwave Page
W1GHZ.CX Domain Page
Web site of: W1GHZ (N1BWT)
HAM Radio, Stefan Heck, LA0BY / DF9PY
G4FRE/WW2R describes the American Microwave Scene -- Martlesham '98
FAQ 2.4GHz Funkmodems