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A work in progress:

New Periscope antenna system for 10 GHz

During construction

and up on the tower.

The flyswatter reflector, which rotates and tilts, is fed by a dish on the ground directly under it.

Dick, K2RIW, has been talking about periscope antennas for so long that I had to put one up and show him how to do it!

Now with new tilt indicator on flyswatter

With tilt sensor installed

Tilt sensor closeup

Tilt readout

The tilt indicator is a Wineguard "Digital Magic" Elevation Sensing Unit. I got it from Stark Electronic

The periscope antenna worked great for rainscatter during the June 1998 VHF Contest. I worked four grids on 10 GHz, best DX >130 miles, during heavy rain.

Here are some new sound clips of AF1T on CW and SSB.

WA1MBA has written a good explanation of rainscatter.

The following contacts were made with my dish pointed straight up through a skylight, into light snow in January, heavy rain in March:
10 GHz Snow scatter recordings from January VHF contest:
Station #1
Station #2
Station #3
10 GHz Rain scatter recordings from 9 March 1997
Let me know how they sound!
DSP guys - can you find a way to improve copy?

Third beta test version 3 (11/24/98)of HDLANT program - Download

Interdigital filter program - INTFIL.EXE Download

N1BWT and KB1VC in action!
This new book contains many of the 10 GHz articles referenced on the 10 GHz home page. Available from ARRL

Modification notes for the Drake 2880 S-Band downconverter from Larry, K1LPS

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