Amateur Radio Soundblaster Software Collection

(by Oliver Welp, DL9QJ)

Packet Radio

Software / Link Version Mode System Status Remarks Direct Download
Flexnet 3.3g PR MS-DOS Freeware (not Public Domain!) 1200 & 9600 bps s. Erfahrungsbericht ---
AGW Packet Engine (by SV2AGW)   PR Win 95 Freeware --- ---
Linux Kernel 2.1x + up PR Linux Operating System 1200 & 9600 bps pse read remarks ---



Software / Link Version Mode System Status Remarks Direct Download
BTL (Blaster TeLetype) (by ZL2AKM/G?VTQ) 1.54e RTTY MS-DOS Freeware --- Download
Decode for Windows (by Sim Yskes) (1994) RTTY (Baudot), SITOR Win 3.1x + up ??? RX only Download
RITTY (by Brian Beezley, K6STI) [2.38] 3.04 [RTTY & PACTOR] RTTY MS-DOS Commercial [USD 150.00] (USD 100.00) Usable with "RTTY" by WF1B Program discontinued
BITTY (by Brian Beezley, K6STI) 1.05 FSK modem (RTTY TSR) MS-DOS Commercial (USD 50.00) TSR only - requires terminal program Program discontinued
TrueTTY (by UA9OSV) 1.35 RTTY, PSK31 Win 95 + up Shareware (USD 35.00) --- ---
PSATOR beta 0.24 AMTOR, PACTOR MS-DOS Shareware needs DSP Soundcard Download
DigiPan (by UT2UZ/KH6TY) 1.0c PSK31 Win 95 & up Freeware more Info about PSK31 ---
PSK31LX (by DL9RDZ) 0.6 PSK31 Linux Freeware (?) more Info about PSK31 Download here or here
PSK31 for Windows (by G3PLX) 1.08 PSK31 Windows ??? more Info about PSK31 Download V 1.04
MIXW 32 (by UT2UZ) 1.03/1.12 RTTY, PSK31 Windows 95 Shareware (USD 49.95) more Info about PSK31 also here
Twpsk (by WA0EIR) 7.0 PSK31 Linux ??? more Info about PSK31 look here for download
Analyzer 2000 V 3.20 AF Analyzer / PSK31 Win 95 / NT Shareware (USD 98.00) --- ---
PhaseShift V 0.22 PSK31 Linux Freeware ??? --- ---


Multi Mode

Software / Link Version Mode System Status Remarks Direct Download
FTV (by 9H1JS) 1.0n FAX & SSTV (TX + RX) CW, RTTY, WEFAX (RX only) Analyzer MS-DOS Shareware (USD 25.00) s. Erfahrungsbericht ---
INTERCOM (by PA3BYZ) 4.12 CW, RTTY (Baudot & ASCII), Feldhell, PSK (RX & TX), TOR-FEC (RX) MS-DOS "Beerware" --- ---
WriteLog for Windows (TM) (by Wayne Wright, W5XD) V 10.13 CW, RTTY, PSK31, SSB Win 95/NT Commercial (USD 75.00) contest logging software w/ decoding capability via SB ---
RadioCom (by Bonito) 5.0 RX / 4.0 TX DSP-Filter/Analyser, RTTY, CW, Fax, SSTV & DCF-77 Win 95/NT Commercial (DM 506,00 (5.0 RX; only RX) DM 498,00 (4.0; RX + TX)) --- ---
SBTSR (by 4Z5BS) V0.20beta TSR (JVFax: Fax, SSTV) MS-DOS Freeware TSR for using JVFax (DOS) with soundcard Download
JVComm32 (by Eberhard Backeshoff, DK8JV) V 0.97 a beta Wx Fax (only RX), SSTV (RX + TX) Win 95 / NT Commercial (DM 120,00) --- ---
Mac MultiMode (by Chris Smolinski) 2.5.0b2 CW, RTTY, SITOR-A/-B/FEC/Navtex, FAX, ACARS, WWVB, DTMF, CCIR, EIA, XPH, AF Mac Shareware --- ---


Fax (Amateur and Weather Fax)

Software / Link Version Mode System Status Remarks Direct Download
WXSat (by Chr. Bock) 2.5 Fax (wx sats + HF fax) Win 3.1x + up Freeware (ALAS) --- ---
WeatherMan (by Paul Hitchcock) 2.01 Wx Fax MS-DOS (?) Shareware (USD 30.00) --- Download Download
WavSat (by S. Bonnett) 2.0.0 Wx Fax Win 3.1x + up ??? --- Download
Mscan Meteo (by PA3GPY) 1.03 We Fax Win 95/98 Commercial (EUR 43,97) --- ---
SATFAX (by John Wilson, W4UVV) 2.01 Wx Fax ??? ??? --- ---
WFAX/2 (by J?rgen Dankoweit) April 1997 Wx Fax OS/2 Shareware --- ---
FAX.TGZ (by Thomas Sailer) ??? Fax Linux ??? --- ---
ACfax ??? Wx Fax Linux ??? --- Source ?



Software / Link Version Mode System Status Remarks Direct Download
Mscan (by PA3GPY) 3.116 SSTV Win 95/98 Commercial (EUR 43,97) --- ---
WinPix32 (ex WinPixPro) (by Don Rotier, K0HEO) 3.10 SSTV Win 95 / NT Commercial (USD 79.00) --- ---
W95SSTV (by Silicon Pixels) 1.10 build 290 SSTV Win 95 / NT Shareware (USD 50.00) pse read experience report ---
ChromaPIX (by Silicon Pixels) beta 0.96.15b SSTV Win 95 / NT beta --- ---
WinSkan (by KA1LPA) 1.06 SSTV Win 3.1x + up Shareware (USD 60.00) --- ---
SSTV32 (by KA1LPA) SSTV Win 95 + up ??? --- ---
DL-SSTV Test/Demo SSTV Win 3.1x + up Shareware (?) (DM 50,00) --- Download
Blaster SSTV
-- Shareware
-- Full Version
(by WB9MMM)
V1.5 V1.3 SSTV MS-DOS Shareware (USD 30.00) Commercial (USD 49.95) --- ---
QSSTV (by ON1MH) 3.0m SSTV Linux Freeware --- ---



Software / Link Version Mode System Status Remarks Direct Download
Feldhell (by G3PPT) ??? Feld-Hell MS-DOS Freeware --- Download
MTHELL (by G3PPT) ??? C/MT-Hell MS-DOS (?) Freeware --- Download
Feldnew8 (by G3PPT) 1.2 Feld-Hell MS-DOS Freeware --- Download
SMTHEL8 (by G3PPT) ??? S/MT-Hell MS-DOS (?) Freeware --- ---
SlowFeld (by G3PPT) ??? "experimental narrow band ultra slow speed Hellschreiber" Win 95 Freeware --- Download
Hellschreiber (by IZ8BLY) V 2.0 Feldhell Win 95 Freeware --- ---
IZ8BLY MT63 Terminal (by IZ8BLY) 0.99j MT63 Win 95 Freeware More info about MT63 Erfahrungsbericht von DH7UAF ---



Software / Link Version Mode System Status Remarks Direct Download
Cluster Blaster (by HA5DM) 2.60 CW MS-DOS Freeware --- ---
CWGet (by UA9OSV) 1.0 CW Win 95 + up Shareware (USD 15.00 - 35.00) --- ---
DSP-CW (by SM3HXD) 4.1 CW / RTTY MS-DOS ??? --- Download
DSPMORSE.ZIP (FFTMORSE.ZIP) 1.0 CW MS-DOS Freeware --- Download
SBPMORSE.ZIP --- CW MS-DOS Freeware developed from FFTMORSE Download
SwIta-CW (by Nino Porcino) 0.9 CW MS-DOS Freeware --- Download
MRP 37 Morse Decoder (by Polar Electric) ??? CW MS-DOS Commercial (USD 59.00) --- ---
Precision CW (by Ernst Schroeder, DJ7HS) V 2.3 Coherent CW MS-DOS or DOS-Window Shareware --- ---
SBMS (by DL3JIN) beta CW (Meteorscatter) MS-DOS / Win 3.1x / not NT Freeware (ALAS) --- Download
MSDSP (by 9A4GL) 0.70beta CW (Meteorscatter) MS-DOS 6.0 + up Freeware (ALAS) TX & RX Download V 0.41
VisualMS (using CoolEdit) --- CW (Meteorscatter) ??? ??? --- ---
PED (by MasIII H.Kozu, JE3MAS) 5.17 CW Pileup Trainer MS-DOS Freeware also Ultra High Speed CW Trainer and Voice Pileup Trainer available ---


Voice Tools

Software / Link Version Mode System Status Remarks Direct Download
Digital Voice Keyer (by MIDXA) 1.1.0 Voice Tool Win 95 / NT Shareware (USD 20.00) --- ---
VoiceKeyExpress (by N7QJP) 1.3.5 Voice Tool Win 95 / NT Shareware (USD 10.00) Voice keyer for contests and meteor scatter ---
Vox Recorder (by IZ8BLY) ??? Voice controlled recorder Win 95 / NT Freeware --- ---


Recording Tools

Software / Link Version Mode System Status Remarks Direct Download
Vox Recorder (by Nino Porcino) ??? Recording Tool Windows 95 & up ??? --- ---
Scanner Recorder 1.4.1 beta Recording Tool Windows 95 & up Freeware --- ---
RecAll 1.3 2.3 Recording Tool Windows 3.1x Windows 95 & up Shareware (USD 14.95) --- ---



Software / Link Version Mode System Status Remarks Direct Download
DTMF Real-Time Decoder (by James Shima) Demo DTMF MS-DOS Shareware (free for personal use) --- Download
WinTone V 2.02 DTMF, CCIR, ZVEI, EIA, EEA, NATEL and CTCSS Win 95 / NT Shareware (USD 15.00) 30 days trial version ---
ZVEI-Geber V 2.6 ZVEI-Geber  MS-DOS ??? --- Download
WinFMS / FMS32 (by HeiRueSoft) ??? FMS Win 3.11 Win 95 + up Commercial / (DM 49,00 / DM 69,00) --- ---
Win-FMS ??? FMS Win 95 / NT Commercial / --- ---
POC32 (by Deti Fliegl, DG9MHZ) V 2.05 POCSAG Monitor Win 95 / NT Shareware (?) --- ---



Software / Link Version Mode System Status Remarks Direct Download
WACARS 0.7 ACARS (aircraft) Win 3.1x + up Freeware --- ---
KRACARS v1.2 ACARS (aircraft) MS-DOS Freeware --- ---


Analyzers & DSP

Software / Link Version Mode System Status Remarks Direct Download
BIP Labs Software 1.01 3.0 3.0 AF Counter AF Digital Scope AF Sine Wave Gen. Win 3.1 + up Public Domain Link currently not working. Who has information? Download: Counter Scope Sine Wave Gen.
ChromaSOUND (by Silicon Pixels) 0.19 AF DSP Filter Win 95 / NT beta --- ---
DAQARTA (by Interstellar Research) 1.1.6 "Real-time FFT spectrum / color spectrogram / waveform display" MS-DOS Shareware --- ---
FFT Properties (by Janez Makovsek) 3.5 AF analyzer Win 95 + up Shareware (USD 89.00 to 149.00 --- ---
GNASP1 (by Gerd Niephaus) 1.00 DSP processor (filter/analyzer) Win 95 / NT Freeware --- ---
MicFFT (by Craig Walsh) 1.2 Spectrum Analyzer MS-DOS (?) Freeware --- Download Download
Spectra (by IZ8BLY) ??? Spectrum Analyzer ??? ??? --- ---
Spectrum FFT (by Harlan Technologies) V 2.02 AF Spectrum Analyzer MS-DOS Commercial (USD 89.95) --- ---
Audio Analyzer (by Harlan Technologies) V 1.3 AF Spectrum Analyzer MS-DOS Commercial (USD 39.95) --- ---
Generate (by G.V.Associates Inc.) 1.0 AF Generator ??? Shareware (USD 15.00) --- Download
FFT Spectra SofTest Series (by Sound Technology's) div. AF Generator / Analyzer Win 3.11 / Win 95 Commercial --- SpectraPLUS also available here
Frequency 5.1 AF Analyzer MS-DOS Linux Freeware (GNU) --- Download Attention! Trojan Horse reported on this file!
Spectrogram (by R. S. Horne) 5.0.8 AF Analyzer Win 95 + up Freeware Radio Version (; Old Versions (4.12 (Win95) / 2.3 (Win 3.1x)) ---
Spectrogram (By Philip van Beren) 2.0 AF Analyzer MS-DOS Linux Freeware (GNU) --- Download
Spectrum Analyzer (by Philip van Beren) 2.0 AF Analyzer MS-DOS Linux Freeware (GNU) --- ---
Software for Sound Analysis (by Universitа degli Studi di Pavia) ??? AF Analyzer MS-DOS Freeware (registration required) --- ---
SR5 (by John Reeve) 1.0 Real time audio filter and Spectrum Analyser Win 95 + up Shareware (USD 25.00) --- ---
Swezey Filter (by Tom Swezey) 2.0 AF DSP for SWL Win 95 / 98 / NT Shareware (USD 39.95) --- ---
Analyzer 2000 V 3.20 AF Analyzer / PSK31 Win 95 / NT Shareware (USD 98.00) --- ---
DSP Blaster (by Brian Beezley, K6STI) 2.17 Filters / Spectrum Analyzer MS-DOS (Win 3.1x & 95 ok) Commercial (USD 125.00) --- Download capability discontinued due to software revision.
FFTDSP (by Mike Cook, AF9Y) 42u DSP ??? Shareware (USD 37.00) --- Download
Hamview (by I2PHD & IK2CZL) 2.21 Audio Analyzer & Filter MS-DOS 6.xx (Win95 DOS window) Freeware (not for commercial use) --- ---
Spectran beta 2c AF analyzer Win 95 / 98 / NT beta version --- ---
SbFFT (by Kevin J. McWilliams, KW5Q) 1.2 spectrum analyzer / filter MS-DOS Freeware --- Download
EchoFilter (by Louis Botha) beta AF analyzer / filter / counter Win 95 & up beta version (free) --- ---


Sonstiges / Miscellanea

Software / Link Version Mode System Status Remarks Direct Download
Xmit_ID (by R. Rager, KB8RLN) 2.61 FM Transmitter Identification MS-DOS Freeware (GNU GPL) Program analyses the unique fingerprint of an FM transmitter Download
PolarPlot (by G4HFQ) 1.30.1 Polar diagram Win 95 / 98 / NT Shareware (Ј 25.00) Program measures the polar diagram of a rotatable beam ---
BeaconSee ??? NCDXF/IARU HF beacon monitor Win 95 / 98 Shareware (USD 29.00) analyses NCDXF IARU HF beacon network ---



Linux Kernel

From the Sound HOWTO:

"Another novel use for a sound card under Linux is as a modem for amateur packet radio. The recent 2.1.x kernels include a driver that works with SoundBlaster and Windows Sound System compatible sound cards to implement 1200 bps AFSK and 9600 bps FSK packet protocols. See the Linux AX25 HOWTO for details (I'm a ham myself, by the way -- callsign VE3ICH)."

Erfahrungen / Experience

Allgemein / General

Sound Card:

Many of these programs use a direct access to the sound card hardware, thus so-called "Soundblaster compatible" cards often will not work. So use an original Creative Labs Soundblaster card (Pro, 16, 32 AWE, 64 AWE) whenever possible. That does not mean that your compatible card will not work at all; it depends on the program. Some programs will work with many cards, some only on original SBs. Just try, but keep in mind that you may encounter problems.

Always install the latest driver available, since older drivers might contain bugs. - Some programs (e. g. W95SSTV, ChromaPix) that run under 32 bit operating systems (Windows 95/98, NT) may require a 32 bit sound card driver. Even a driver for Windows 95/98 does not automatically have to be a 32 bit driver - sometimes it is a 16 bit driver and you will not even know.

Do not tune the input and output volumes to its maximum, 1/3 usually is enough, larger volumes can cause distortion since the audio amplifiers on sound cards are not quite linear.


When using the "Microphone" input of the sound card, the signal will be lead through the microphone preamplifier. So do not use the "Microphone" input since this can cause distortion - always apply signal to the "Line In" input. Same is applicable for the output; use "Line Out" instead of the "Speakers" output.

When connecting to the radio, usually a direct connection will work. If you encounter problems with hum or others (noise caused by the computer etc.), try an audio transformer or a capacitor in the signal path to avoid galvanic connection. Consider the impedance of the sound card and your receiver / transmitter.

At the receiver, use a fixed level audio output e. g. for tape recording, if your receiver has such an output. If not, use the audio output but tune it to about 1/3 of maximum volume - more can cause distortion. High speed data (such as 9k6 packet radio) will need the connection to the discriminator output of the FM chip, the normal audio output will not work.


If the program has transmit capability, the radio needs to be switched to transmit mode. Sound cards do not have a PTT (push-to-talk) output, so additional hardware might be neccessary. Many programs use a simple device like the DSR or RTS pin of a serial port to switch the PTT, this signal will switch a transistor which sets the PTT input of your radio to ground level. Please read the programs documentation to see what device will be neccessary. Sometimes (when fast switching is not required) an audio Vox circuit or the Vox of your radio can do the switching.


Verwendete Hardware und sonstige Software:

PC 486DX/33 MHz, 8 MB RAM, Soundkarte Shuttle 48 (SB 16-komp.; sp?ter original SB 32 AWE), MS-DOS 6.22, GP 1.61b; Icom IC-820H


Funktioniert (sowohl 1200 bps als auch 9600 bps)
Man sollte bei der Implementierung schrittweise vorgehen:
1. Schritt: Keine Verwendung der Soundkarte und der daf?r ben?tigten SB-Treiber, sondern Konfiguration f?r ein vorhandenes Modem. In meinem Fall war das ein 1k2-BayCom-Modem (ser.). Das Modul TFEMU ben?tigte die Option /dm, damit es mit GP zusammen lief. GP ist recht gro?, daher EMS notwendig. L?uft mit EMM386 zusammen.
2. Schritt: SB-Treiber, 1200 bps. Es stellte sich heraus, da? die SB-Treiber nicht zusammen mit EMM386 laufen; ohne EMS im konventionellen Speicher war nur noch eine Minimal-Konfiguration von GP m?glich. Eine Umstellung auf QEMM brachte Abhilfe, nun kann GP wieder in normaler Gr??e geladen werden. - Es war notwendig, die Soundkarte als Windows Sound System zu konfigurieren. - Als PTT wurde die L?sung f?r die serielle Schnittstelle gew?hlt (-> COM3: mit gleichem IRQ wie COM1:, dort wird die Maus betrieben, ergab keine Probleme). - Aus bislang ungekl?rten Gr?nden st?rzte das Programm beim Starten manchmal ab; wenn es gestartet war, lief es ohne Probleme. Dieser Effekt wurde sp?ter mit einer Original SB 32 AWE nicht mehr beobachtet. Die SB 32 AWE ist nicht als WSS konfiguriert.
3. Schritt: 9600 bps. (Shuttle 48: Die Aussendungen klappen offenbar, da mein Digi darauf reagiert, der Empfang aber nicht.) Erneuter Test mit SB 32 AWE - funktionierte auf Anhieb. Allerdings wurde auch ein anderer Digi zum Testen verwendet (DB?EA statt wie bislang DB?MSC; letzterer hatte selbst einige Probleme bei Geschwindigkeiten > 1200 bps). Inzwischen funktioniert es aber auch mit DB?MSC.

Fazit: Das Flexnet-Programmpaket kann wirklich jedem empfohlen werden, der schnell und g?nstig in PR 1200 bps oder 9600 bps QRV werden bzw. von 1200 auf 9600 bps "aufsteigen" m?chte. Das Setup ist aber nicht ganz einfach.

Erfahrung von: Oliver Welp, DL9QJ, [email protected]


Verwendete Hardware und sonstige Software:

PC, Win95; LOWE HF 150


Probiert habe ich bisher nur Funk Fax. Funktioniert ganz ordentlich (auch unter WIN 95). Allerdings sind selbst bei einem schon sehr hohen NF Signal/Rauschabstand von 48 dB die empfangenen Bilder nicht gerade perfekt was allerdings auch an meinem Empfaenger (LOWE HF 150) liegen kann.

Erfahrung von: Peter Bolch, [email protected]


Hardware and software used:

Pentium 150, 48 MB RAM, video capture card Winnov Videum AV (with integrated soundcard), Sony Camcorder, Windows NT 4.0 SP3


W95SSTV really is a great piece of software and easy to use. The setup is easy, you should know that the input level (see volume control) should be quite small in order not to distort the sigs (should not excced 1/2 - and it should not be muted...). Includes good documentation. The hardware requirements are quite high (486 and Windows 95 is minimum, better Pentium and (I'd say) NT), but if you meet them, W95SSTV truely is all you need to become QRV in SSTV in the best and cheapest way possible. Try it out! (if this sounds enthusiastic about this program, you got the message... ;-))

Report by Oliver Welp, DL9QJ, N3NSF, [email protected]


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