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Hello, my name is Chris and i'm living in the middle east part of the Netherlands. I'm not so radio active at the moment, but the best chance to find me, when i'm QRV, is in packet-radio. (via DB0KV) Since several years i still use my good old atari (Mega ST4) with the packet prg SP and the TNC is replaced by a cheap and simple FSK modem. (did cost me only 15us$) It really works great.

More info about station PE1NIB (updated with some photo's)

JOTA: photo's from JOTA at Scouting Woezik


73's Chris

Simple&Cheap 9600bd FSK modem with driver for Atari ST or PC develloped by OE5DXL
(c) OE5DXL commercial usage prohibited!

Resident multi-port AX.25 driver for IBM compatibles or Atari ST - 9600bit/s FSK with G3RUH-compatible scrambler, powered from serial port.

Terminal-Interface with WA8DED-Hostmode.

This is my homebrew 9600bd packet-modem for Atari ST, i know it looks very
experimental, but hey.........it works ;-)
BTW. the IC's used in this modem are nothing special, only a 74HC123 and a TL064!

If you're interested in the L2STX modem/driver (for Atari Computers) :

Circuit diagram 9600bd modem.

The ZIP archive contains the driver, PCB layout with circ. diagrams and German docs.
(translation in Englisch will follow soon)

This is how the L2STXDUO-modem looks when it is assembled:

LSTX driver works with simple 9600bd FSK modem or 1200bd AFSK .
Circuit diagram's of both modems are included within the .ZIP file, and these are made switchable on one PCB:
1200bd -or- 9600bd. But not at the same time !!
So no gateway unless you have 2 MFP's (like the TT has, but there is a modification for it.
You need to add an extra MFP chip to standard ST's, like described in this file: MFP_2.LZH

The orginal documentation is written in German, but i used 'RUFTRADE2' to translate it into 'almost' English ;-)

MFP_2 manual 'in almost English' :)

To use the new added serial port you must install the driver L2TTX,

To all F030 users:
L2STX DOES NOT WORK on a F030 due the fact that the MFP chip not is wired to the serial port, but there is a modification available.

(need to add a MAX232...if you want the file, ask me...)

With L2STX you also need an Atari terminal prg wich works with Hostmode like SP6.5 or DigiPoint4.10

SP6.50.02 280Kbytes (DL1XAO)

NEW SP6.52.03 118Kbytes (Y2K update!)

DigiPoint 4.10 - 1,1Mbytes (DL8HBS)

If you are interested in the PC version of this modem&driver L2PCX:

This is the Circuit Diagram of L2PCX modem for IBM & compatibles.

and you need the PC driver L2PCX.ZIP

The original Manual is written in German, but this is a partly translated Englisch version. (transl. by DL9RDZ)

If you are looking for a PCB LAYOUT (DL4OBG), or the SMD version (OE5DXL),
you don't have to look any further :-)

In the manual there is something written about a 4port/node version of L2PCX, if you were looking for them, here they are:

L2PCX4.LZH (4 ports) and L2PCX4N.LZH (4 ports + Node)

These drivers are not the most recent ones, and maybe more critical with PC hardware then the 1-port driver,
but in case you want to try them.....

(REMARK: FIFO-buffer can't be used, it must be switched off before you start L2PCX driver,
a cold start from the PC will do this or use a tool like TEST550.EXE )

If you need a "super tiny" term. prg (5KByte!) for testing your L2PCX modem, you could use OE5DXL's LTERM.EXE
(No fancy packet prg...but for test purposes it's okay....the Modula SRC is included.)

If everythings works okay, and you need a more fancy packet prg, try SP9.75 (by Sigi Kluger). You can find this file, and some other links and info's on PA3FUA's homepage.

LINK's to other L2PCX resources:

For info about a LINUX version of L2PCX and some other stuff about this subject you may look here:

( NEW: 6 Feb.1998 - Bugfix: L2PCX driver & Linux Kernel v2.0.xx )

and this is a link to AGW packet engine for Win95, now supporting OE5DXL modem.


Other Links:

Homepage DigiPoint 4.10 - DL8HBS

Some Atari HAM tools by Chris, DG6LAC

Homepage from Odo, DL1XAO (German language)

DL1XAO is programming the SP versions for Atari and several other (Atari) HAM prg's, another link is www.nordlink.org/~dl1xao/

email:pe1nib@qsl.net If you want to Email me (any comments or suggestions about this page are welcome): pe1nib @ qsl.net

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