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The Product History of Pye Two-Way Radio
1939 to 2002

60+ years of radio communications


F4BQN modification site. 

Condor 222 MHz Mods

ASCOM SE550- CONDOR 3000 site van pa3eki 

PYE MX 290 MODS G 8 U W J  

Philips AP4111 NMT  telephone to HAM-band by OH8JEP

N6NMZ's Amateur Repeater Builders Home Page

PE1CSI conversion page for the FM1100

Rik Rasmussen's Two Way Radio Directory

OH3TR's Finnish PMR conversion pages

Simoco / Philips PRM80 Radio Info

Philips FM1100, FM1200 Amateur Radio Mods


Philips FM900 Mod

Philips FM92 series

Pye / Philips Mods

G3UFP's Pye/Philips MX290 Information

G6IGA's Key Radio KM and KP series info

Radiotel-mods - France

ZS1PK's Tait T500 Mods

WB4UKB's RCA 700 / 1000 Series 6 Meter Amatuer Conversion Info

GE Manuals (GE,Ericsson,Com-Net,M/A COM)

Crystal Trade Page

Modifications Radiotéléphones ou Tx

The Joint Radio Company Ltd.
The Spectrum Management Organisation of the UK Fuel & Power companies

GM's Radio Telephone / Mobile Radio Installation Guidelines

Genesis Global Stolen Radio Database

The OH3TR Finnish Made PMR, Trunking and Cellular (NMT) Phone Amateur Radio Conversion Pages Nokia, Mobira, Televa, Benefon etc.

The F5SOH convertion site.

The Radiotel-mods convertion site.

The Bosch PMR conversion site.

The Kransnodar Schematics

The Dansk mod info for any amateur radio gear and PMR

Skinny's Home of Radio FM92, FM900, PMR80


The Radiotel-mods convertion site.

Converting the Philips FM1000 E0 band ( 68/88Mhz) to the 50 Mhz (6 look for the homepage G4HJW
The data for the 50 Mhz conversion_EEPROM (australian band plan) is found here: 50mhz.bin
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