Bascom and AVR,Why and how

I felt I had a lot of material, after we completed our meetings on getting started with Bascom and AVR. It would seem a real waste not to document this work. So I documented it. But you might infer from the dates in the schematics that it has taken me a long time to do. And you are right! Furthermore, everything had to be checked. And I am sure that there are still a lot of errors and omissions in the text and in the schematics. Please let me know when you find some!
Of course, I used Bascom. I started with the free version, but soon realised I wanted to move to larger AVR's and would need the full version. The cost (app. $100) is not a problem, in fact I think it is very cheap.
(take a look at other commercial code development packages)

All schematics are drawn with Splan. See Abacom 's website. They produce a set of cheap (Splan is app. $50) programs to draw schematics, design PCB's etc. Splan is pretty primitive, but the big advantage is that the learning curve is extremely short!
The schematics I exported in Splan to a Windows bmp format.

I used Corelpaint (old version) to convert the images to a more compact gif format. You could use any old bitmap editor.

I used an old Philips PM97 (now Fluke ) digital hand-held oscilloscope to make 'snapshots' of interesting waveforms. Fluke has PC software (version 3.0 for the PM97) enabling you to download scope images to your PC.

All these texts have been typed in Pfe . This is again a simple 'Personal File Editor'. I found out that to make simple and lightweight, but readable web pages you need to know only about half a dozen html 'codes':
<br> goes to a new line
<hr> make a nice separator line
<a href="url">name-of-url</a> turns 'name-of-url' into an url you can click on
<img src="imagename"> inserts an image
<b>boldtext</b> makes text bold
<i>italictext</i> makes text in italics
<pre>text</pre> makes text 'unformatted'
<small>text</small> makes text 'small'
Compare this to writing a text in Word and then saving it as html...

All pictures have been made with a Canon Powershot A60. This is a simple 2 Megapixel digital camera, it has an exellent macro mode with manual focus setting down to a few centimeters distance!

And that is it. Keep it as simple as possible. (but not any simpler!)