Bascom and AVR, configure Bascom and TWinAVR.

Bascom compiles Basic code into a 'Bin'-file. This bin-file contains the AVR instructions in so-called machine-code, which the AVR controller can execute directly. You can use an external programmer to write this bin-file into the AVR's flash memory. The external programmer in turn, is controlled through a separate program such as TWinAvr. TWinAvr allows you to select the hex-file it should send to the AVR. However, it is much easier if Bascom could directly start TWinAvr after the compilation is finished and tell TWinAvr which hex-file to use.
This can be done in Bascom as follows:

- Start Bascom, select Options/Programmer:

- Select 'External Programmer' from the list of programmers
- Select tab 'Other'
- Enter in the 'Program' field the location of your programmer software,
in our case TWinAvr.exe. Use the
- Enter in the 'Parameter' field: {File}
This tells Bascom to start TWinAvr with the name of the bin-file it produces after successful

- Then click on OK