Bascom and AVR, Bascom's Basic

The Basic in Bascom
Bascom makes no claim as to what Basic dialect it adheres to. It seems however to have good compatibility with Microsoft's QBasic. If you started using PC's in the DOS era, you will remember QBasic...
If you need a tutorial on QBasic, try the following sites:
The QBasic Page
QBasic/QuickBasic News
Free Basic Tutorials
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Try Googling around to find a lot more sites with info and tutorials on QBasic.

The most important differences with QuickBasic are:

One operation per line
Bascom allows only one arithmetic operation on one line:
What is not allowed:
Numsquares = ( Length * Width ) / Surfsquare
which must be written as:
Numsquares = Length * Width
Numsquares = Numsquares / Surfsquare

Input comes from UART
In QBasic, the Input statement reads user input from the PC keyboard. In Bascom, it reads input from an RS-232 communication line connected to a UART in the AVR.

Print goes to UART
In QBasic, the Print statement sends output to the PC screen, in Bascom, it sends output to an RS-232 communication line connected to a UART in the AVR.

I assume that you know how to write programs in Basic, there are a few introductory remarks on the use of variables, arrays and the use of data blocks, string handling, and subroutines and functions but this list is of course far from complete.