CQ Six - 50 MHz DX Information.
MMXV. edited by O. Bjørn "Matt" Madsen (MCMLX)
holder of; OZ6OM, OZ50MHz, 5Q6M, ex. OZ1IZB, G0DJJ & OZ7M
Current email address to enter info is; oz6om(a)uksmg.net

DX information - Stop press, news of the latest 7 days.

Mariana Isl., KH0. Operators Toshiaki/JR2UYE, Miho/JJ2VLY and Yutaka/JQ2GYU will be active as NH0J from the commemorative J-Tinian Radio Space Club station on Tinian Island between August 8-13th. Activity will be on 80-6 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via JJ2VLY direct or LoTW. Log is expected to be uploaded to ClubLog during their activity. Look for possible updates at http://jq2gyu.blogspot.jp
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1224 26 Jul. 2015 - 13 Aug. 2015

Argentina, LU. Members of the Radio Club Argentino will activate the special callsign LU4AA/D from the Argentine exclave Martin Garcia Island (WW Loc. GF05VT) in Uruguayan waters (part of the La Plata in Buenos Aires Province) between August 13-18th. Operators mentioned are Francisco/LU1AET, Martin/LU1AMH, Fernando/LU1ARG, Carlos LU1BCE, Fernando/LU2BPM, Nico/LW3DN and Juan/LU8ARI. The team plans to participate in the International Lighthouse Weekend and the SARTG WW RTTY Contest.
Activity will be on 80-10 meters, as well as 6m/2m/70cm, and using CW, SSB, Satellites, SSTV and the Digital modes. QSL by the Bureau or via LU4AA direct. For more details and update, see the Web page at 
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1224 26 Jul. 2015 - 18 Aug. 2015

Galapagos Isl., HC8. Reminder. Geoff, G8OFQ, is once again active as HC8/G8OFQ from Isabela Island until September 30th. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using SSB only. He will also be active during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 25-26th) as a Single-Op/Low-Power entry using 100 watts into vertical antenna. Operating times: Weekdays 1200-1300 and 2100-0500 GMT; Weekends 1400-0300 GMT +/-. Geoff is there working as a volunteer for the Galapagos National Park at the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center (see pictures on QRZ.com) on Isabela Island. QSL via G8OFQ: Geoff Dobson, 9 Fitzpain Road, Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 8RZ, United Kingdom.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1224 26 Jul. 2015 - 30 Sep. 2015

Monaco, 3A. Giuseppe, IK5WWA, plans to work holiday-style as 3A/IK5WWA between the 24th and August 1 on HF and 6m. QSL via h/c.
DXNL 1946 23 Jul. 2015 - 1 Aug. 2015

Georgia, 4L. Mamuka Kordzakhia, 4L2M, President of the National Association Radioamateurs of Georgia (NARG), has informed OPDX of 4L1AN will be active on 50 MHz for July and August with a temporary license. Normally in Georgia, 50 MHz is prohibited.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1223 23 Jul. 2015 - 30 Aug. 2015

St. Paul Isl., CY9. Update. The St. Paul Island DXpedition scheduled for August 19-29th, 2016, has added another new member/operator to the team - Phil, VA3QR. This completes their roster (9 operators). Phil has been a ham since his teenage years, enjoys DXing, contesting, and technical aspects of our hobby. This will be his first DXpedition.
 "How Can You Help?" (per CY9 Web site) - The team is contributing most of the funding for the DXpedition. Individual donations are very helpful and appreciated. No amount is too small. The single most expensive item is the cost for the transportation to access the island. While a contact cannot be guaranteed, those who do "work (QSO) us, that have made a donation, will automatically receive a QSL card. No need for a request to be made, no postage, no green stamps.  It is a small way for us to say 'thank you'". We will send your card as soon as possible upon completion of the DXpedition automatically.
Visit their Web site often for details as they develop at
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1223 23 Jul. 2015 - 29 Aug. 2015

Cape Verde, D4. Operators Jose/EA1ACP, Charly/EA1DVY, Gen/EA5HPX, Francisco/EA7FTR, Humberto/CX3AN, Gustavo/CX2AM, Mario/CX4CR and David/EB7DX will be active as D4D from Boa Vista, Cape Verde, between October 17-24th. Activity will be on 80-6 meters using CW, SSB, and RTTY. It will not be a 24-HRs fully operation, but they will try their best. Support off-island person is Jose, EB5BBM. QSL via EB7DX.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1223 23 Jul. 2015 - 24 Oct. 2015

Micronesia, V6. Operators Yuji/JH2BNL (V6AAA) and Minekazu/JA2NQG (V6WW) will be active from Pohnpei Island between October 25-29th. Activity will be on all bands, 160-6 meters, using CW, SSB, and RTTY with 500 watts. They will take part in the CWWW DX SSB Contest during the final several hours of the contest. QSL via their home callsign.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1223 23 Jul. 2015 - 29 Oct. 2015

Willis Isl., VK9W. An international team will activate an amateur radio DXpedition station VK9WA from Willis Isles between November 14-23rd. They announced this past week on their Web page http://vk9wa.com the following: "Our eight man team vk9wa.com/team is now complete. Fund-raising and planning continue. We're grateful for significant sponsorships by INDEXA www.indexa.org and the German DX Foundation www.gdxf.de. We're happy to announce a partnership with Tangaroa Blue Foundation www.tangaroablue.org and the Australian Marine Debris Initiative www.tangaroablue.org, in conjunction with Parks Australia and the Department of the Environment, to conduct an island cleanup and debris inventory of Middle Cay. This cleanup and our ecology and animal reports will provide valuable data and help protect the many sensitive and threatened species of Willis Island."
Added details: The complete list of operators are now Robert/N7QT (Co-team leader), Jared/N7SMI (Co-team leader), Sandro/VE7NY, Adam/K7EDX, Hawk/SM5AQD, Gus/SM3SGP, Allan/VE7SZ, and Hal/W8HC. Pilot stations are Mike/K4PI (NA), Cédric/F5UKW (EU) and Andre/V51B (AF). The on-air operations will last 10 days with high power CW, SSB, and RTTY on 160-10 meters (possibly 6 meters). Their primary focus will be providing all time new contacts with this highly demanded, rarely activated entity with an emphasis on difficult paths - primarily US East Coast, Europe, and Africa.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1223 23 Jul. 2015 - 23 Nov. 2015

South Sandwich & South Georgia Island. Update. Excerpt. Paul, N6PSE, sent out the following press release on July 15th: The Intrepid DX Group is pleased to announce that all of our plans are moving forward very well. We are testing and re-testing our gear one last time before it goes into a container next week and makes its voyage to meet the RV Braveheart in New Zealand.
At this time, we wish to announce that we are adding 6 meters as well as 60 meters to our plans. We will make a solid effort to be QRV and to give out contacts on these bands as well as 10-160 meters.
We wish to clarify our operating strategy: We will be QRV on 6-160 meters with six stations and we invite you to work us on all bands and modes. We will also select a band that is propagating for the most hours of the day, and we will be QRV on that band for the duration of our activity. This is a means to increase the number of unique call signs in our logs and to give everyone a chance to work us. We will be looking to give ATNO contacts at every opportunity.
We encourage you to visit our website
www.intrepid-dx.com/vp8 and donate via the PayPal link. It's easy and free to donate. Alternatively, you can mail a check or money order to the address listed below:
Payable to: Intrepid-DX Group,  C/O David Jorgensen-WD5COV, CFO/Treasurer,  18645 Cortez Rd SE, Deming, NM 88030 USA
Thank you, The Intrepid-DX Group VP8 Team
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1223 23 Jul. 2015 - Jan./Feb. 2016

Romania, YO. Mek, SP7VC www.sp7vc.pl will be active from many grid squares in Romania in 4m and 6m as YO/SP7VC/P with this schedule:
01.08 - KN37DP
02.08 - KN27XP, KN38DA
03.03 - KN15XD or KN25AD
04.08 - KN14XX or KN24XX
05.08 - KN13UN
06.08 - KN22SK
Sixitalia Weekly 23 Jul. 2015 - 6 Aug. 2015

Bulgaria, LZ. Mek, SP7VC www.sp7vc.pl will be active from many grid squares in Bulgaria in 4m and 6m as LZ/SP7VC with this schedule:
07.08-10.08 - KN32WT
09.08          - KN43AI
Sixitalia Weekly 23 Jul. 2015 - 10 Aug. 2015

Greece, SV. Mek, SP7VC www.sp7vc.pl will be active from many grid squares in Greece in 4m and 6m as SV/SP7VC with this schedule:
10.08-12.08 - KN21KE
13.08          - KN10LP
Sixitalia Weekly 23 Jul. 2015 - 13 Aug. 2015

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Aug. 1 st.

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Aug. 8 th.

Aug 13. th.



JA team


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Aug. 9 th.

Aug 13. th.



EI team



Aug. 10 th.

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Aug 15. th.






Aug. 9 th.

Aug 23. rd.






Aug. 19 th.

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Int. team



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On special permit

Aug. 26 th.

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KH9 entity

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Oct. 2013

Autumn 2015






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SP team


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Oct. 21 st.

Oct. 26 th.






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Oct. 24 th.



Int. team



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Oct. 25 th.






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Oct. 13 th.

Oct. 28 th.



DL team



Oct. 21 st.

Oct. 28 th.






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Int. team



Nov. 25 th.

Nov. 30 th.






current op.

Dec. 8 th.






Nov. 6 th.

Dec. 4 th.






Jan 1 st.

Dec. 31 st.



OZ team


CBA, Clublog, LoTW and eQSL - No Bureau !

Feb 1 st.

Dec. 31 st.



HA5C team



Jan. 10 th. 2016

Jan. 26 th. 2016



U.S. team



Jan. 2016

Feb. 2016



Int. team



Mar. 2016

Mar. 2016



Int. team



Mar. 2016

Mar. 2016



Int. team




Feb. 2017






DX information - by expiration date.


Ogasawara, JD1. Yoshihisa, JO1LVZ, will once again be active from Chichijima Island, but as JO1LVZ/JD1 between August 6-9th. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using CW and the Digital modes. QSL via his home callsign or LoTW.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1221 15 Jul. 2015 - 9 Aug. 2015 

Luxemburg, LX. A QSP from Maurice F5NQL says; After a lot of kind contacts since the French HamExpo 2014, in Tours, and especially with some OM and YL in Luxembouurg, let me introduce with a great pleasure the LX9YL Project.
The idea was first to gather some YL, to be active under this special callsign LX9YL, spending enjoyable time, touring, meeting our guests and visitors, in total friendship. From August 7th to 10th 2015, in Eisenborn, in the Luxembourg city neighborhood, will be active an International YL team.
The team will consist of: Dora HB9EPE, Johanna DJ5YL, Mado F1EOY, Christine F4GDI, Claudine F5JER, Sylvie F4HJC, Tina DL5YL, Evelyne F5RPB, and Sophie F4DHQ.
Three stations will be settled and will cover the 160 to 6m band range in CW, SSB and Digital (PSK31, 63, 125 and RTTY). The logs will be uploaded on Clublog as frequently as possible. QSL via the Luxemburger bureau to RL and managed by Philippe/LX2A.
More information on the activity website (under consruction) at - YL France
and - Radioamateurs du Luxembourg (R.L.)
Activity coordination
· Pour les YL: Sophie F4DHQ (coordination) Email
· Pour le RL: Michel LX1KQ (President) Email
Any kind of help is welcome, contact Christine, F4GDI at
73 88 Sophie - F4DHQ
20 Jun. 2015 - 10 Aug. 2015

Ireland, EI. For Perseids 2015 the EI9E team will travel to Achill Island in Co. Mayo and operate from IO43XW square from 9-13th August. "We will try to reconnoitre a site in nearby IO44 which we may activate if successful. Although we will be portable we will use the callsign EI9E." QRV on 50-70-144 MHz TR-MS. QSL via the IRTS Bureau www.irts.ie/cgi/qsl.cgi
Sixitalia Weekly 20 Jun. 2015 - 13 Aug. 2015

Monaco, 3A. Aurelio, IZ8EGM will be active from the Principality of Monaco (Loc. JN33RR) as 3A/IZ8EGM from 7-15 August 2015. Setup ICOM 706, Antenna (car) Atas 120, 40-6 meters. QSL via home call, bureau preferred.
Sixitalia Weekly 7 Jun. 2015 - 15 Aug. 2015

Seychelles, S7. Giovanni "John", IZ2DPX, will be active possibly as S79DPX (pending) from the Seychelles between August 9-23rd. Activity will be on 80-6 meters and all modes. QSL via his home callsign. For more details and update, see http://iz2dpx.jimdo.com
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1207 2 Apr. 2015 - 23 Aug. 2015

Contest, Open / WW.
What to do on a Tuesday evening ?
- Well the 4th. Tuesday in the month brings You "
The 50 MHz Open"
- This month thats Tuesday - the 25 th. 17 - 21 UT.
- You could help participants out with some QSO´s
- or participate Your self ...
You may find the
rules for "The 50 MHz Open" here
and check out the
standings here.
- so are You keen to give "
The 50 MHz Open" a try ?
Hope to see You down the log - and Your log ...
Vy 73 de Bjørn/"Matt" OZ6OM
25 Augl. 2015

St. Paul Isl., CY9. The St. Paul Island DXpedition scheduled for July 2016 has added another new member/operator to the team - Bill K5DHY. Bill is an avid DX'er, and officer of the LSDXA. The team thanks all who completed the survey on their website. Needs were clearly made for 6m and RTTY. They will plan to have a RTTY mode running most of the time; for sure they will keep an eye on 6m. Visit their Web site often for details as they develop at http://www.CY9dxpedition.com  (August 19 th. to 29 th.) 
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1222 15 Jul. 2015 - 29 Aug. 2015


Micronesia, V6. Lance W7GJ, writes; Hello 6m DXers! This year's dedicated 6m EME DXpedition will be from V6M in PK90va, August 26-September 3, 2015, in celebration of my 50 years of VHF DXing. I hope to surpass my record from last July's DXpedition to KH8, where I completed with 68 stations on 6m EME. Anyway, you know that you can count on me to be making a dedicated effort to work as many serious 6m operators as possible! I will not have any internet or email communications from V6, but I have published a planned operating schedule on my web  page. Full details are here: http://www.bigskyspaces.com/w7gj/Micronesia2015.htm
This is a solo expedition, and is going to be an expensive one. It seems like I am beginning to run out of cheap rare places to go on 6m EME DXpeditions that are new DXCC for virtually all the contacts!  Please consider making a contribution, as explained on my web page above, either direct by mail (to the address shown at the bottom of this email) or to my PayPal account (which is the same as this email address). MNI TNX!
Please call me if you do copy me on some terrestrial mode of propagation. If I am calling CQ on JT65A, I am probably aiming at the moon, so please answer me with the JT65A EME mode from WSJT9 or WSJT10 - NOT any HF JT65A program! With limited moon windows, I don't have time to shut down the EME operation and switch modes, so I will only answer callers who call using the proper JT65A version when I am calling CQ on EME with JT65A mode.
I don't expect to have any terrestrial ionospheric propagation but it you hear me on CW or SSB, please answer me on whatever mode I am using at that time. Please don't bother asking me for contacts on any other bands - I will be WAY overweight with my 6m gear, and will not be operating any bands other than 6m.
Hopefully this advance notice will provide adequate time for you to get your station geared up to connect with the first ever 6m EME activation of V6 ;-)  If you have any questions about EME or JT65A, please look at the links on my website or email me for information. You can also find a large number of very helpful and experienced 6m EME operators available to help you through the Magic Band EME email group (subscription info below). I hope to be able to give you another new DXCC on 6m soon! 
GL and VY 73, Lance 11 Apr. 2015 - 3 Sep. 2015

Alabania, ZA. Alfredo, IK7JWX reports that a group license (ZA0I) was received for an upcoming DXpedition to Sazan Island Loc. JN90PM. Dates of activity are 2-9 September, 2015. QSL via IK7JWX. Keep an eye on ZA0I at QRZ.com for updates, info.
Sixitalia Weekly 15 Jul. 2015 - 9 Sep. 2015

Palau, T8. Ken, BM2JCC/JP1RIW, will once again active as T88KH from the "West Plaza Hotel by the Sea" (WW Loc. PJ77FI) on Koror Island between September 12-16th. Activity will be on 80-6 meters, including the 17/12m and mostly on the High Band on SSB using 500w on HF and 100w on 6m. His antennas are: 80m Vertical, 40/30m DP, 20/15/10m 3 element Beam, 17/12m 2 element HB9CV and 6m 5 element Beam. QSL via BM2JCC, by the Bureau or direct.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1218 14 Jun. 2015 - 16 Sep. 2015

Wake Isl., KH9. Update. Mike, AG6IP, is in the planning stages for a DXpedition to Wake Island in September 2015 for 2 weeks. He states [edited], "I plan to be there sometime in early September to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of Battle of Wake along with a group of World War II vets. I have reserved a special callsign K6W from September 4-19th, 2015. I am seeking monetary donations and sponsors that would like to help to put Wake Island back on the air in 2015. I will be operating 80-6 meters using Digital(PSK, RTTY and JT65) and SSB. Donations will off set a small portion of my out-of-pocket equipment shipping, transportation, lodging, operating and postage expenses while there. Wake Island is currently #46 on DXCC most wanted in ClubLog and currently restricted to the public. There are no commercial flights in to the island. I have also operated out of ZC4 land UK bases in Cyprus twice in 2007 and 2014 as ZC4MIS. Please share link to other amateur radio operators around the world. Thanks..... Mike." For more details and updates, watch:
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1217 8 Jun. 2015 - 19 Sep. 2015 

Wake Isl., KH9. Mike, AG6IP, will be active as K6W on Wake Island between September 4-19th. His operation is to celebrate the 70th anniversary/memorial of the "End Battle of Wake Island" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Wake_Island. Activity will be on 80-6 meters SSB. Look for more details to be forthcoming.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1200 3 Feb. 2015 - 19 Sep. 2015 

Cocos Keeiling, VK0C. Nobuaki, JA0JHQ has announced he will be active from the The Bird's Nest holiday apartment, West Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands between 19-25 September, 2015. QRV on 80-6 metre CW and SSB. QSL via bureau or direct. LoTW possibly later.
Sixitalia Weekly 15 Jul. 2015 - 25 Sep. 2015

Dodecanese, SV5. Volker, DL1ZB, will once again be active as SV5/DL1ZB from Kos Island between August 12th and September 29th. Activity will be on 20-6 meters using SSB, RTTY, SSTV and PSK63. QSL via DL1ZB, by the Bureau, LoTW and eQSL.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1219 23 Jun. 2015 - 29 Sep. 2015

Galapagos Isl., HC8. Geoff, G8OFQ, will once again be active as HC8/G8OFQ from Isabella Island between July 1st and September 30th (2015). Activity will be on 160-6 meters using SSB only. Geoff is working as a volunteer for the Galapagos National Park at the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center (see pictures on QRZ.com) on Isabela Island. QSL via HA3JB.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1187 3 Nov. 2014 - 30 Sep. 2015


Wallis and Fortuna Isl., FW. Jean-Jacques, TK5JJ, will leave Corsica for 2 years and travel to Wallis Island where he will be active as FW5JJ. He hopes to be active very soon after his arrival with an Icom 756PRO and G5RV antenna. The rest of his equipement will arrive later. He will be active on SSB, CW and the Digital modes on all HF bands, 6m and 2m EME. QSL via F5RXL.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1130 27 Sep. 2013 - Autumn 2015

Tuvalu, T2. Operators Stan/LZ1GC (C21GC, 3D2GC) and Lubo/OM5ZW will be active as T2GC from the Vaiaku Lagi Hotel in Funafuti between September 24th and October 14th. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY. Suggest frequencies are:
6m - 50097/CW and  50120/SSB
CW - 1822.5, 3502, 5371, 7023, 10124, 14010, 18080, 21015, 24891 and 28010
SSB - 5401, 7164, 14170, 18145, 21270, 24940 and 28470
RTTY - 7038, 10140, 14088, 18095, 21088, 24922 and 28088 kHz
QSL via LZ1GC, direct, by the Bureau or LoTW. The preferred method for a QSL or LoTW requests is via his PayPal. There will probably be a OQRS on ClubLog. For more details and updates, watch
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1218 14 Jun. 2015 - 14 Oct. 2015

Seychelles, S7. A group of Polish operators (Polish DXpedition) will be active as S79SP from Mahe Island between October 3-18th. Operators mentioned are Wlodek/SP6EQZ, Jan/SP2EBP, YL Gala/SP2GKS, Jan/SP3CYY, Ryszard/SP6FXY, Kris/SP6JIU and Roman/SP9FOW. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via SP6FXY, ClubLog's OQRS, eQSL or LoTW. For more details and updates, watch (still under construction) http://www.s79sp.dxing.pl
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1221 15 Jul. 2015 - 18 Oct. 2015

St. Helena, ZD7. Oliver, W6NV, will be active as ZD7N from Helena Island during the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 24-25th). Look for activity outside of the contest on the HF bands and 6 meters. QSL via W6NV.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1217 8 Jun. 2015 - 25 Oct. 2015 

Fernando de Noronha, PY0F. Ron, AA4VK, updates us on January 5th [edited]: Three of the five member 1992 Navassa DXpedition Team, Ron/AA4NC, Will/AA4VK, and Murray/WA4DAN are planning a "reunion" DXpedition to PY0F, Fernando de Noronha between October 18-27th, including operating in the CQWW Phone Contest. An all-band operation is planned on 160-6 meters with SSB, CW and RTTY. AA4NC will enter the contest as a Single-Op. A decision will be made later on whether to enter in a Multi-Op category. More details later.
A multi-card color QSL with island scenes, similar to the QSLs for their recent CY0 operations is planned. WA4DAN will handle "Direct" QSLs. An OQRS service is being considered. Until a dedicated PY0F website is created, updates will be posted at
http://www.AA4VK.com and at the various DX bulletins. The idea for this "reunion" trip merged just sitting around talking during the SEDCO/ W4DXCC Convention in September, 2014.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1197 14 Jan. 2015 - 27 Oct. 2015

St. Martin, FS. If you missed John's, K9EL, activity this June, he will once again be active as FS/K9EL from St. Martin (WW Loc. FK88) between October 21-28th. Activity will probably be on 80-6 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY. He will be running 500 watts into a 3 element yagi on 6m, dipoles for 10-30m and a vertical for 40-80m.
John usually will operate on 60m if there is interest. There will be daily uploads to ClubLog and LoTW. QSL via his home callsign or on ClubLog's OQRS. His operating frequencies (except during contests) will be announced
in real time via Twitter at
Added note: John is also part of the TO1E team who plans to be active during the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 24-25th).
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1220 2 Jul. 2015 - 28 Oct. 2016

Marshall Isl., V7. Update. Members of the T30D DXpedition (2014) have decided to go to Majuro, Marshall Islands, between October 13-28th, 2015. The team includes Werner/DJ9KH, Heye/DJ9RR, Rudolf/DK3CG, Joe/DK5WL, Günter/DL2AWG, Bert/DL2RNS, Georg/DL4SVA, Hans/DL6JGN, Franz/DL9GFB, Wolf/DM2AUJ, Sid/DM2AYO and Rolf/DL7VEE (Team Leader). The team will use the callsign V73D. They will make a serious effort on CW, SSB and RTTY, between 160-6 meters. They plan for 4x 500-watts-stations to operate 24/7. Rolf, DL7VEE, states, "Hopefully we have enough place for all planned antennas." There is now a Web page available at http://v73d.mydx.de
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1217 8 Jun. 2015 - 28 Oct. 2015

Marchall Isl., V7. Rolf, DL7VEE, T30 Team Leader, reports [edited]: "After the T30D in 2014, our group has decided to go to Majuro, Marshall Islands, in October 13-28th, 2015. The team includes Bert/DL2RNS, Georg/DL4SVA, Rudolf/DK3CG, Sid/DM2AYO, Günter/DL2AWG, Hans/DL6JGN, Heye/ DJ9RR, Joe/DK5WL, Franz/DL9GFB, Wolf/DM2AUJ and Rolf/DL7VEE. We should get our license at arrival. The callsign V73D is promised. All flights are booked and accommodation is reserved. Our 11 team members and the technical equipment are well prepared to start another DXpedition. We will make a serious effort on CW, SSB and RTTY, between 160-6 meters. More information and a website will be available soon ... 73 Rolf DL7VEE, Team Leader"
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1213 3 May 2015 - 28 Oct. 2015

 November or later.  

American Samoa, KH8. Masahiro, JH3PRR, will once again be active as KH8B from the Turtle & Shark Lodge in Pago Pago during the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 24-25th) and CQWW DX CW Contest (November 28-29th), probably as a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry. His operations will take place between October 21-26th and November 25-30th. If like last time, his equipment will be: K3+2K-FA 1.5kW, 10-20m Hexbeam and 30-160m VDP. He will have a 6m beacon. Outside of the contest, activity will be focused on AS, EU and AF. QSL via JH3PRR or LoTW (preferred). OQRS via ClubLog will also be available too. Contest log will be uploaded after a week. OQRS Bureau will be available for only 4 months and closed after that.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1202 15 Feb. 2015 - 30 Nov. 2015

Ascension Isl., ZD8. Oliver, W6NV, will once again be active as ZD8W from Ascension Island between November 6th and December 4th. Activity will include the CQWW DX CW Contest (November 28-29th). Look for activity outside of the contest on the HF bands and 6 meters. QSL via W6NV.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1217 8 Jun. 2015 - 4 Dec. 2015

Angola, D2. Igor/UA9OBO is currently staying in Angola until 8 Dec. 2015 and operates as D3AM. QSL via UA1QV.
Sixitalia Weekly 25 Jan. 2015 - 8 Dec. 2015

Denmark, OZ. Special event. To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the IARU, Danish radio amateurs will activate the special event callsign, OZ90IARU, between January 1st and December 31st, 2015. Activity will be on all bands, inclusive the WARC bands, and all modes may be used. Exceptions are cross-mode, cross-band contacts and contacts via repeater and echo-link.
QSL OZ90IARU via OZ0J: Joergen Roemming, Brandelev Stationsvej 9, DK-4700 Naestved, Denmark.
For paper QSL requests via postal mail, please send a SAE and include 1 IRC or 3 USDs to cover return postage. IRCs must be the new type "Water of Life", valid until December 31st 2017. QSL card with insufficient payment will be returned via Bureau. Please do not send Your QSL card via the bureau! All QSOs will be verified via LoTW and eQSL. Paper QSLs may be requested via direct or by the Bureau from ClubLog
http://www.clublog.org/logsearch/OZ90IARU Wrong/missing QSOs can be reported to OZ0J at qsl@oz90iaru.dk All paper QSL cards will be sent from Denmark no earlier than February 2016. A "OZ90IARU Award" is available. Complete details are available at http://www.oz90iaru.dk/award.htm For more details and an activities calendar, go to the OZ90IARU Web page at http://www.oz90iaru.dk
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1199 27 Jan. 2015 - 31 Dec. 2015

Hungary, HA. HG90IARU joins the IARU jubilee celebrations on the air throughout the year. QRV on HF and 6m from the club station HG5C. The team also works on the rules of a dedicated award. QSL via HA5MA, LoTW, eQSL, OQRS.
DXNL 1921 1 Feb. 2015 - 31 Dec. 2015

2016 or later.

Palmyra Atoll, KH5. Update. Lou N2TU and Craig K9CT previously announced a DXpedition to Palmyra Atoll at the International DX Convention in Visalia, California. Palmyra (KH5) ranks #9 on the Most Wanted List and #2 in Europe.
The Pacific Islands DXpedition Group has been awarded permission to activate Cooper Island in the Palmyra Atoll, January 11-26th, 2016.
A team of highly experienced operators and veterans of many DXpeditions has been assembled. Team members include Craig/K9CT, Lou/N2TU, Jerry/WB9Z, Tom/ND2T, Mike/K9NW, Ralph/K0IR, John/K6MM, Bob/K4UEE, Hal/W8HC, Dick/W3OA, Jim/N9TK and Glenn/W0GJ. The Team plans to operate five stations, 160 to 6 meters on CW, SSB and Digital modes, using a callsign to be announced at a later date. Antennas dedicated to working Europe will be deployed due to the high need and propagation path difficulty.
Critical to major DXpeditions are the immediate, up-front commitment costs. For instance, most of the equipment (antennas, coax, wire, connectors, and site material) has already been purchased, tested and shipped to Palmyra. These procurement and shipping costs are a significant portion of the overall DXpedition costs. It is estimated this DXpedition will incur costs of over 200,000 USDs plus individual and personal expenses.
We are pleased we have received support from so many Foundations, Clubs and Individuals already. We are about $30,000 USDs short of our need for the next payment November 1st. So please donate as soon as possible to help with the upfront costs. Our website, Palmyra2016.org, has a "Donate" link to facilitate your generous contribution. Without your support, this DXpedition would not happen! ... Lou N2TU and Crain K9CT
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1220
2 Jul. 2015 - 26 Jan. 2016

Palmyra Atoll, KH5. (Press Release #1, April 18th)[edited]. Craig/K9CT) and Lou/N2TU are proud to announce a DXpedition to Palmyra Atoll. Palmyra (KH5) ranks in the top ten on the Most Wanted List and #2 in Europe. After many months of negotiations with US Fish and Wildlife and The Nature Conservancy, the Palmyra Island DXpedition Group has been awarded permission to activate Cooper Island in the Palmyra Atoll during January 2016.
Craig is a veteran of many of the "Most Wanted" DXpeditions. He co-led Sint Maarten and Swains, and operated from Conway Reef, Midway, Cocos Island, Wake Atoll and Amsterdam Island. Lou was a member of the Swains Team and led the Wake Atoll Commemoration. Craig and Lou have just returned from the Navassa Island K1N DXpedition.
A team of 12 highly experienced operators and veterans of many DXpeditions has been formed. Team members include Craig/K9CT, Lou/N2TU, Jerry/WB9Z, Tom/ND2T, Mike/K9NW, Ralph/K0IR, John/K6MM, Bob/K4UEE, Hal/W8HC, Dick/W3OA, Jim/N9TK, and Glenn/W0GJ.
They plan to operate five stations over a 14 day period, 160 to 6 meters on all modes, using a callsign to be announced at a later date.
Critical to major DXpeditions are the immediate, up-front commitment costs. INDEXA and NCDXF have been most generous in their support of Palmyra 2016 and this support is sincerely appreciated.
Logistical support for this operation is being provided by Kimo/KH7U and Don/N1DG. Joe/W8GEX and Janet/W8CAA have volunteered to assist the team in fund raising. Their experience in this area is highly valued.
Our website, Palmyra2016.org, developed by team member John, K6MM, will provide updates as they become available. The Donation page of the website is currently active. The group will also have an OQRS link on the website for easy QSLing.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1211 20 Apr. 2015 - Jan. 2016

Palenstine, E4. Members of the "Palenstine 2016 Team" will be active as E44Y from the village of Sebastia in the Mosaic Guesthouse sometime during March of 2016. Current operators listed are Romeo/S59M (Co-Leader), Marco/HB9OCR (Co-Leader), Jorge/HK1R, Santos/EA4AK, Col/MM0NDX, Miran/S50O, Salim (Sal)/HK1T, Kaspars/YL1ZF, Peter/PD1RP, Mariano/LU8EOT, Rodrigo/EA7JX, Fulvio/HB9DHG and Tim/LW9EOC. Pilot stations are Lee/ZL2AL (VK/ZL), Michele/IW7EGQ (EU) and Jonathan/W6GX (W6/W7). Activity will be on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY. Suggested frequencies are listed at http://palestine.ig9y.com/plans/
QSL via direct, by the Bureau, LoTW or the OQRS; direct cards via EB7DX.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1199
27 Jan. 2015 - Mar 2016

Juan de Nova, FR/J. The FT4TA, although busy wrapping up their latest expedition, is already thinking about their next destination. They are planning to activate Juan de Nova (FR/J) in March 2016. The last team on the island was TO4E/TO4WW in 2003. Before that, the last major DXpedition took place in the 1980s. Hence the island ranks very high in most-wanted lists. Right now the group aims to get on the air for 15 days with 10 operators. See the website for more information to come: http://www.juandenovadx.com/
Sixitalia Weekly 3 May 2015 - Mar. 2016 

Cameroon, TJ. Update. Nicolas/F8FQX (ex 5T5SN, TN5SN) will be staying in Cameroon during the next 3 to 4 years. He hopes to get on the air as TJ3SN on HF and 6m. QSL via IZ1BZV (d), LoTW.
DXNL 1896 5 Aug. 2014 - 2017

South Sudan, Z8. Massimo, IZ0EGB is currently QRV as Z81B from Juba. He is active on 40 to 6 meters using SSB. His length of stay is unknown. QSL to home call.
Sixitalia Weekly 6 Dec. 2014 - unknown.

Benin, TY. Update. Patrice "Pat", LA0HF, is now active as TY2BP from Ouidah. He informs OPDX, "I am here for an indefinite time, but I may have to go back to Norway for a while, at any time." Activity will be on 20/17/15/12/10/6 meters SSB. QSL via IK2IQD.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1162 12 May 2014 - unknown

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