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Hello Folks !
   Welcome at my Radio-amateur website.  My name is Andre and my QTH is
   KLUISBERGEN which is in the Flemish speaking part of Belgium.  About 70 Km
   west of Brussels.

   Radio has been my job and my hobby ! Amateur license since 1962 with over
   46 years of ham radio. I invite you to have a look into my radio website.

   Best 73's from Andre - ON5FS

    [email protected]

   Since I started back in 1956 with Morse code many things have evolved also in ham radio.
  A major part at that time was spend at DX- Chasing. That period ended in 1980  when I
  had about 278 confirmed countries.
   After that period I spend most of my time at the digital modes. Starting over Radio
   like  ( RTTY  , SSTV, PSK-31,  etc.).  After a while the amateur TOR version became
   available with AMTOR and a couple years later PACTOR and PACKET.
   From then on I spend my time only with digital transmission.
 From H.F frequency to 10 GHz
  Today we are beta testing the new WINMOR mode and time will tell if this new mode
   has a good and bright future.

1965:  47 years ago......



   Retired for already 10 years ham radio has become a very
   important part of my daily live. Time to spend some $ . 
   About 2 years ago my old 21 meter steel tower after it
became rusty and insecure.
   Time to install a new aluminum crank- up tower.
   ( 3 sections of 8 meters + 6 meter top steel tube )
   A electrical crank-up elevator is shown on the right make
   things easier to install antennas etc.......

   Antennas :  5 element Fritzel (30-20-17-15-12-10 )
                    4 element 6 meter Yagi
                    Dipole for 80 meters
                    Dipole for 40 meters
                    Comet vertical for 144 & 430 MHz
                    12 element yagi for 70 cm ( Packet )
                    22 element 23 cm ( Receive ATV )
                    Dish for 2.3 Giga Hertz ( Send ATV )

         Coax :  Distance shack<-> tower is 40 meters.
                    RG-213 for HF and 6 meters
                    AIRCOM Plus for VHF & UHF
                    ECOFLEX - 15 for 23 & 13 cm 


  Bandfilter:  Dual NQN band filters on 80 - 40 - 30 - 20 and 15 meters
                    Triplexers from Dunastar


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Pactor was invented by a group German radio-amateurs who found a way to make a better
AMTOR. It soon at my interest and I started with a KAM controller followed by the
AEA PK-900. I became one of the very first H.F /pactor<> packet gateways on the 20
meter band. Several ten-thousand messages have been going through the gate.
Later I became an early Pactor-II user with the SCS PTC-II followed by PACTOR- 3
who opened the way towards "high speed digital transmission over the HF bands".
There are many gateways in use  today.
So I switched my interest to " Error Free digital SSTV " Pactor-3 together with
GAMMA software written by Paul DJOCU makes a fine team.
The set-up you see by clicking the thumbnail on the left is no longer in use since
I started with the Winlink 2000 described here under.
P.S : You can download the GAMMA software free at : www.simple32.com


WINLINK 2000        



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The Internet has become the e-mail medium of choice for most hams, but there is a
sizeable group of amateurs who often travel beyond the reach of the Internet.
This group includes hams at sea, Mobil homes, missionaries, scientists and explorers.
No doubt the day will come when wireless, affordable Internet e-mail access will be
available from any point on the globe.
Until that day arrives, however, Amateur Radio HF digital operators have a very
capable substitute!. Winlink2000 is a HF ham radio network that uses HF Pactor-2
or -3 and -4 plus the Internet.
This global network consist of 5 CMS ( Central Management SERVERS ) Vienna,
San Diego - USA, Halifax Canada and Perth Australia. The 4 servers are connected
via broadband internet lines. The servers are backing-up each other.
These 5 servers are again connected with +/- 55 RMS's  of which ON0FS is ONE.
The RMS and the Servers are also connected over a permanent broadband internet line.
ON0FS- RMS consist of 3 X IC718 ICOM transceivers + 3 ICOM IC-7200
, each having his own SCS Pactor-4 Dragon7800 modem
Radio hams at sea, in their motor homes, in the Jungle, on sailboats have
a Laptop running " Airmail 2000" ( similar as Outlook Express) a pactor-2/3 and 4
controller and an HF transceiver who connect with the RMS over HF radio.
They can exchange TEXT OVER IP messages with each other, ask for weather
bulletins, APRS , emergency traffic etc... By each transmission they can send their
GPS location which can be seen by all internet users.
ON0FS started with RMS Packet 9600 bps sofar with low response. Users will must install
a free software PACLINK through this you will be able to use OUTLOOK EXPRESS
for input and receive your mails. RMS Packet will run on 70 cms at 9600 Bps.

Calls from non radio-amateurs will be ignored.

NOTE: Paclink has been taken out of service because  no users.....!!!!!

For more information go to my own winlink site: www.on5fs.be ( updated soon...)
Early 2008 ON5FS/RMS received athorisation from the Belgian BIPT
to run the station " unmanned " Due to this change the callsign is now ON0FS

Operated by the sysop ON5FS


SATELLITE          FOR SALE !!!!!!!!!!!    

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The System is build as follows:

 Cross -Yagi from MASTPRO ( Oscar hunter type WHS21N )

      - 430 Mhz ( 20 elements ) and 144 Mhz ( 12 elements ) - lenght 3.68 meter / 4.11 meter
      - Left and right circulary polarisation
      - Weight approx 8.7 kg ( 2 antennas + stacking beam )
      - N - Type connectors 
  - Mirage pré-amps for 144 and 430 Mhz ( sold )


      S-BAND DISH ANTENNA - 60 Cms  developed by G3RUH/ON6UG - SOLD !
      - 2250 - 2450 MHz
      - Gain 21dB
      - Teamed with Exellent low noise KUHNE Electronics AO-40 convertor ( 144-148 MHz )

      23 cms circular  antenna  ( WIMO ) - tye helix -02 ( 430-440 MHz)
      - 14 turns
      - 12.5 dB gain


 Antenna Motor

      - YAESU G-5600  ( azimuth  and elevation motor )
      - Dual control unit ( accepts automatic steering by cpu )


Interested pse call: 055/38.94.74 or mail [email protected]

 Contact http://[email protected]


Amateur Television           FOR SALE !!!!!!!!!!!    

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ATV Transmitter is SOLD !




 If you are still with me.... we have come to the
 end of the short (?) story about my radio- ham
 hobby. Thank you for your interest and you can
 contact me ( if not via radio ! ) via my e-mail
 address : [email protected]

           Andre - ON5FS

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