NZ0C Virtual QTH

I just recently got back into amateur radio.  Iíve been a licensed ham since 1983.  In the spirit of things, Iím building an Oak Hills Research OHR100 20 Meter CW Transceiver.

Iím one of those weirdos who actually likes Morse code. 

Anyway, Iíll be trying to take some photos and video of my progress with this new rig and hopefully will have them posted here before long. 

My original callsign, KA2SGD was issued to me in the summer of 1983.  My elmer, Harry Wolf, then WA2DHD (later ND2P and now Iím not sure where Harry went), was a great motivator and even took the time to show how to trim an antenna, solder, and all the little things that come up when building a ham radio station.

My next callsign came when I had moved back to Minnesota as a teen and upgraded to the Advanced license.  KE0MZ was the callsign I had for the shortest period of time.  Later that year, I upgarded to Amateur Extra and earned the ďtwo-by-oneĒ callsign of NZ0C.  Iíve since held a foreign license (DA2UI) while stationed in Germany with the military. 

These days Iím a ďcheeseheadĒ living in, you guessed it, Wisconsin.  More to come.