N8WRL Tower Project



I’ve been a ham a little over six years, and like most, I’ve dreamed of the ‘big aluminum’. I really benefited a lot from other’s stories on the Internet, including web sites and the TowerTalk reflector. During the project I took a lot of pictures and I thought I’d try to share my experience. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

A chronology of events seemed the most logical approach. It all started in…

May 1998

We decided to move to South Carolina from Massachusetts and put the house up for sale. We're originally from Michigan and moved to Massachusetts a few years ago on business. We vowed we'd live where there is no snow before we die.

We started the house search down south, looking at property and zoning regulations.


I decided on a Trylon T-500 72' self-supporting tower after talking to K7LXC and reading more about it on the web (thanks KA9FOX!) Steve sent the technical details that come with the tower.