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Welcome to Our Library of Stories.
Enjoy them in CW or Text,  Inhance your CW skills while enjoying these Short Stories

 To Play this weeks Story at 5wpm, get your pad and pencil out, and press the  > on the player below
 To pause or stop the player, click on the  
II  Bar of the player below
This text will be replaced by the flash music player.

Left Click onto the Stories you would like to Play online,  or Right click and save link as, to download Stories to your machine.(suggested method at this time)

Note from the webmaster:  Not real sure why the cw is not playing the whole story online with the left click, but if you download the file, with a right click to your machine, it works correctly off line.  
Bear with us until I locate the problem. The player above works well playing this weeks Story

Ernie Pt1 CW 5 wpm Ernie Pt2 CW 5 wpm Ernie Pt3 CW 5 wpm
Ernie Pt2 CW 15 wpm Ernie Pt3 CW 15 wpm
Ernie Pt1 Text
Ernie Pt2 Text Ernie Pt3 Text
Memory of Morse Pt1 Text
Memory of Morse Pt1 5 wpm
Memory of Morse Pt1 12 wpm