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Tahlequah area amateur radio, radio scanning, shortwave listening, and other radio related interests.



Welcome to the (new) Tahlequah Amateur Radio Club Website!

 The Tahlequah Amateur Radio Club meets once a month for a club breakfast at the Restaurant of the Cherokees at 9:00am local time on the first Saturday of each month.  

The club also has a regular NET every Wednesday night at 9:00pm through the local 2 meter repeater.

(RX: 147.24, TX: 147.84)

The club takes it's callsign N5ROX in memory of Dudley L. Page, a local HAM who passed away in '08.


Regarding our Website

The Tahlequah Amateur Radio Club (N5ROX) website you see here is the second website our club has had, and is provided FREE by the good people at QSL.net.  QSL.net provides free web hosting for licensed amateur radio operators and clubs.  If you would like a website for your Ham Radio club, you may visit www.QSL.net and sign up.  The website hosting is free, but if you can donate it will help keep it that way and would no doubt be appreciated.

You may notice that in addition to the navigation menu at the left hand side of these pages, there are also links at the top right corner of some pages.  These links are intended to help guide you to other websites relating to the current page your on. 

Also, if you are interested in Amateur Radio but are not in Tahlequah, you may check the "Contact us " page where we have listed other local radio clubs.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Tahlequah Amateur Radio Club, or just want more information about us, feel free to email us at N5ROX@QSL.net or show up at our monthly breakfast mentioned above.

For more information regarding this site, please read the "Disclaimer and Legal Notes " section of this site.








N5ROX - The official ARRL approved Ham Radio Club for Tahlequah, OK.