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The R4-B receiver is one of the best amateur radio receivers ever made. I personally think it is a much better receiver than many costing twice as much-and more-than the R4-B. I was fortunate enough to obtain an R4-B is as close to mint as any 35++ year old piece of equipment I have ever seen. The pictures here do not-yet: I will keep on trying-to do it justice. I am proud to say that it is THIS R4-B that is on the back cover of John Loughmiller, KB9AT's book:

A Family Affair - The R.L. Drake Story

The R7 receiver is one of the best general coverage receivers ever made-and again, one of my personal favorites. This particular R7 gets even more interesting. It's serial number is: "XXX 3"... meaning that it is a production prototype. It came to me fully 'loaded' with 5 filters (0.3, 0.5, 1.8, 2.3, & 4.0 kHz) and the NB7 Noise Blanker. You can click on the front panel photo  below for a better view.


*The RME-6900 is one of the nicest looking receivers ever made for Amateur Radio. I was just crazy enough to buy an entire second '6900 just to get that very rare matching speaker. A very nice reference to this receiver can be seen at the RadioWorks Hamshack. This picture is one of mine.


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