Consider the multi-mode project, DSWMULTI, instead...

Below are jpeg images of N4QA's DSWTUN95 and KD5HIO's HamScope.

The above images, showing a portion of a QSO between Philip, KD5GKD in Houston, Texas and myself, in Radford, Virginia, were captured by softdd's Easyscreen software.

The depicted QSO took place at approximately 0100 UTC, Sunday, 21 July 2002 on 20 meter CW. My rig for this QSO was the DSW-20 by Small Wonder Labs, running one watt rf output to an end-fed 17-gauge solid aluminum longwire. The 'How far is it' website reports that the distance between KD5GKD and N4QA is 994 miles, as the crow flies.See:

Have a look at the DSWTUN03 project.

Here's my DSWTUN95 Visual Basic 5.0 source code.

Here are the downloadable files required to run DSWTUN95

An important text file to read before doing anything else...UPDATED 11 May 2003

The executable file...release 4.02 ...15 March 2003

A freeware library file

A licensed library file

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