Consider the multi-mode project, DSWMULTI, instead.

N4QA's DSWTUN03, for PC control of Small Wonder Labs' DSW rigs.

DSWTUN03, release 1.13 is depicted immediately below:

Here's a photo of the DSWTUN03 project's interface chip resting atop the DSW's DDS. The device is a Fairchild NC7NZ17K8X, an 8-lead, 3-bit buffer in the US8 package. A legacy TTL/CMOS chip will work too.

Have a look at my DSWTUN03 Visual Basic 5.0 source code

Files required to run DSWTUN03:

Read me first, please...UPDATED 30 March 2003.

The executable file...release 1.13 ...14 March 2003

A freeware library file courtesy LOGIX4U

The Visual Basic Runtime file, Msvbvm50.dll (included with Windows 95, 98 etc) must reside in either the \Windows\System folder or in the folder which contains files dswtun03.exe and inpout32.dll

I have no connection with any above-mentioned vendor.