Dave's Bowling Page

Welcome to my bowling page.  This page has a small amount of my accomplishments and some links to other bowling pages.

I have been bowling since the age of ten.  Which would mean I have been bowling for 14 years.  I began in YABA leagues at Super Bowl Lanes located in York, PA.  This bowling center changed ownership a number of years ago and now is Colony Park Lanes East.  During high school I traveled around the state of PA with the Junior Bowlers Tour.  This was by far the accelerator of my game.  Bowling a pro style format, head to head competion with some of the best Jr. bowlers in the state.  Unforently there have been some breaks in my bowling careers.  The first of those was when I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  Forently this was only for the time I was in boot camp.  While in the corps was where I accomplished my highlight of my careers.  Throwing a perfect 300 game.  Following my return to my home town I complemented a single season with a 299 and a 298.  There is only one crowning achievement that still eludes me.  The coveted 800 series.  My high is a 795 with my 300 game.

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