Surfed pages are by nature in no particular order. I have even managed to shuffle the time element out. This is good and bad. Most of this stuff is from my wireless sub folder under my ham sub folder. You are welcom to wallow. If you have any interesting links tell me.

ASAP Electronics
RF Depot: Home Page LOCAL!!!
Coaxial Cable Types
Richardson Electronics - Your Complete Resource for RF Wireless and Microwave Components
Building 75 to 50 ohm CATV matching stubs.
Dr. Oliver Welp: Amateur Radio Soundblaster Software Collection
DR0NK Radio Network Links
Welcome to Dataq Instruments
ADI - Wireless Infrastructure Products
North American Digital Listing
The Fantastic JavaRadio Network
ADI - Wireless Infrastructure Products
Welcome to Dataq Instruments
W1GHZ Microwave Antenna Book ONLINE
Wireless LAN/MAN Modem Product Directory

Spread Spectrum Device Compendium
TAPR Organization
An Extraordinary RF & Wireless Gateway: SSS Online
Amateur Radio Spread Spectrum Communications Page
Federal Communications Commission Part15 Legal Unlicensed Transmitting -- The Limits of Range Calculations for FCC Part15 Radio Systems
2.3 - 2.7 GHz, MMDS and WLL
Amplifiers, Wireless LAN, Wireless Networking, WaveLAN, Wireless, LAN, Networking, Wireless LAN Amplifiers, Amplifiers, Antennas, Hyperlink, Lucent, Clarion, RadioLAN, BreezeCom, Cables, Connectors by Hyperlink Technologies
2.4 GHz Wireless Network Link Analysis
Wireless-Nets Consulting Services - Home
Q-L II Primer
Press Releases
The SBAY Wireless Network - What is SBAY.ORG?
Wireless Networking Reference - Community Wireless / Rooftop Systems
Gnet Gateway
Gnet Linux Software
Nova Wireless (local no va)
PRISM Software
Low Cost Wireless Network How-To
net stumbler dot com
dachb0den labs: projects: bsd-airtools
Air Snort
Radiall MC Card Orinoco connectors
Welcome to LNS
dachb0den labs: projects: bsd-airtools
Low Cost Wireless Network How-To
Homebrew RF Test Equipment And Software
Info: About MoCoWUG
Metricom Ricochet Modem Hacking Info
Ham Radio Online - Metricom's Ricochet Packet Radio Network
EW and Radar Handbook