PHD Amateur Radio Association

Scholarship History

The fund was started in March of '89 via donations from Chuck Miller, WAØKUH (on behalf of the entire club) and Delia Miller for her OM, Charles U. Miller, WØLQM. It reached the 10K level in December 92, and was voted an "active scholarship" in January 1993. Ms. Skolaut ('93) was the first year awardee.

73, Mary E. Lau, N1VH
Secretary, The ARRL Foundation, Inc.

You're welcome. By-the-way, your first year awardee, Elizabeth, just got married. Her proud papa, Chuck, KØBOG, came to work here at HQ last year. The cycle goes on... :-) -- Mary

(from e-mails dated 17 June, 2003)

PHD Certificates were sold during the 1990 ARRL National Convention and raised about $10,000 to add to the fund.

PHD donated $25.00 for each member that became a Silent Key.

Scholarship Criteria
Award Amount $1000
Number of Awards One per year
Minimum License Required Any Class * See Other
Regional Preference Resident of ARRL Midwest Division (IA,KS,MO,NE)
Curricular Preference Course of study journalism, computer science or electronic engineering
Institution Any
Other Student may also be the child of deceased radio amateur

Scholarship Winners
1993 KAØYSP Elizabeth Skolaut Great Bend KS
1994 NØOSY Michael Hawk Omaha NE
1995 NØQGE Sara Hughes Shellsburg IA
1996 KBØETT - expired Brian Kuehn Emporia KS
1997 AAØCR Richard Garrett Florissant MO
1998 AAØCR Richard Garrett Florissant MO
1999 KBØJSN - expired Christopher Gray Donnellson IA
2000 NØYRL John Blessing Shawnee KS
2001 KCØBJB Allen Haag Bartley NE
2002 KCØEGZ - expired Ethan Gartrell Stockton KS
2003 KCØIVQ Olaf C. Anderson IV Great Bend KS
2004 KCØQMS Adam Brockmiller Union MO
2005 KØIPG Daniel Friedrichs LeMars IA
2006 KCØVNH Kerry Manderbach St. Louis MO
2007 KCØVAA Zakir Durumeric Iowa City IA
2008 KBØVVT Rebecca Rich Raytown MO
2009 KBØVVT Rebecca Rich Raytown MO
2010 KBØVVT Rebecca Rich Raytown MO
2011 KDØBFH Stephanie Klimczak Creve Coeur MO
2012 KDØOWZ Katherine Boyle Salina KS
2013 KCØZSF Amy Floyd Goodland KS
2014 KDØFJQ Ryan Ruenholl Blair NE

THE WINNERS ARE ANNOUNCED IN MAY - Contact The ARRL Foundation for an application

PHD ARA - A Brief History

ARRL Spectrum Defence Fund PHD ARA Was founded by five Hams in 1969. PHD held 30 consecutive Hamfests at a variety of locations in Kansas City. Chuck Miller, WAØKUH (SK) was the primary force behind PHD and responsible for starting the monthly Newsletter, The PHD ARA VEC, and numerous Amateur Classes.

We received this Certificate for our $2,500 to The Spectrum Defence Fund of the ARRL.   PHD ARA and The Clay County ARC merged in January 2002.

73 de op Bob
President1992, 1996 and 2001
Hamfest Chariman1997, 1998 and 1999
Board of Directors1992 - 2001
Web Master1996 - Present
Trustee WTE
1997 - 2005
call xfered to CCARC