Hi, Rod -
Here are a few pictures of my latest RockMite (20 meters) in its housing.  
The housing is made of aluminum sheet stock held together with 1/8" 
aluminum side rails.  The side-mounted legs swing down to provide a 
comfortable operating height.  I built in an iambic paddle that slides 
out of the case when it is in use.

Picture #1 (d04p10) shows the unit with the legs folded away and the 
paddle stowed.

Picture #2 (d04p13) shows the unit opened up for business.  Phone jack 
is on the front panel, and power, antenna, an an auxilliary key jack are 
on the rear panel.  A switch on the rear panel was to switch in RF 
attenuation as in my RM 40, but I found that I didn't need it.

Picture #3 (d02p09) shows the unit with the cover off.  The paddles 
slide in an out of a compartment, and a screw through the bottom 
locks them in or out.


Rich, WB9LPU

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