Here are some pictures of a RockMite built into the base of a "Parkwood Paddle." You can add these to the "RockMite Files." The base is made of brass flat-stock held together with screws. On the rear panel are an OFF/ON switch and an external paddle/key jack, and on the front panel are a BNC connector and a DC power jack. Headphones plug into the side with the blue pilot light. On the top panel are mounted the programming switch and an attenuator switch, and obviously, the paddle mechanism. Space limitations meant that there was no room for an RF-gain control, so I use a switch that can connect an 820-ohm resistor between the junction of D1 and D2 as needed. I determined the value by using a pot to find the minimum attenuation needed to reject a local broadcast station. I then measured the pot resistance and wired in a fixed resistor.

There are no other modifications to the rig, which puts out slightly over 500 mW. Most distant contact so far is about 250 miles, with a 559 report. This little rig will be a lot of fun as 40 meter conditions begin to improve in the fall.

Richard Meiss, WB9LPU
Speedway, IN 46224
Home of the Parkwood Paddles