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A review of American Standard Dominiques

The American Dominique was the first breed to be recognized by the American Poultry Association, in 1873.
The original breed has been hybridized or neglected in the breeders' pursuit for improved egg and meat production.
 In their original form, these handsome, dual purpose chickens lay medium to large brown eggs, and are good meat birds.
Their friendly disposition, incubating talents and free-ranging abilities, endear the breed to more & more people each year.

A day old Dominique pullet...

 A young pullet has a focused yellow spot on top of her head.

A day old Dominique cockerel...

The young cockerel's head spot is more fuzzy, less focused.

A view of the Chicken Condo...


The East wing of the Chicken Condo...

Download the Floor plan of the Condo

 Download the Plan View of the Condo

 Download the Plan View of the Pen

 Download the Floor plan of the Pen

Download Plans for a Wooden Dowel Chook Carrier

A Chicken Tractor or Breeding Pen...

• 6' x 4' x 6' high A-frame mobile pen.
• Moveable for weed & bug control, plus lawn fertilization.

The brooder cage...

 • 16" x 16" x 48" long of cedar 1" x 6" boards.

A trio of blue cochin bantams at 6 months...



Cockerel, George, at 23 weeks old...


Please note the Dominique's 'rose comb' as compared to the 'single comb' of the barred rock.

Download a .wav file of George crowing.

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