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I am an active Ham living in the Heartland of the country at Topeka, KS. I am a member of the ARRL, Kaw Valley Amateur Radio Club in Topeka, Osage County Amateur Radio Club in Overbrook, KS, and BARCBADS in Meriden, KS. I enjoy working with the Storm Spotters when the Weather requires it and my other hobbies are computers and cameras.

Family photographs
Kyle's wedding and
other family pictures

Family Reunion in June 1998

Field Day '98
Just a few pictures from Field Day.
MS150 Bike Tour
Pictures from Sept. 19-20, 1998
Pictures of AMCOM II Emergency Communications van at Topeka, Shawnee County, KS
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Friends Web Pages

Steve, KB0JYL
Terry, KA0BHO
KS Near Space Project
Willard, N0DVG

Amateur Radio

Kaw Valley A. R. C.
Best ARC By A Dam Site
Heartland A. R. C.
Amateur Radio Relay League
WM7D Call Book

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Randi's Reruns


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Intellicast Weather information
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