Kyle and Chris's wedding and
some of Kaylene and
her children.

The Aarnes 4  I was using a new camera so some of these pictures are a bit dark.
The Coleman 4  It was a beautiful August day and the Bride was radiant.  Kyle is a lucky guy don't you think.
Quite a large group,  the photographer had to work hard to get everyone ready at the same time.
Bride and Groom at the reception.
Cutting the cake.
Have a bite of cake?
Nate Lott, my grandson carried the ring.
Payton Lott (my Grandson) at Friday night dinner before wedding.

That's all the Wedding pictures for now, next a couple of Kaylene's family and Vernon's grandsons.

Kaylene and Payton  4th of July 97, we just happened to be at the same fireworks display and ran into each other.
Nathan on 4th of July.
Payton in the car. 4th of July.

Vernon and Donnamae's Grandsons.

Trenton by the pool.  Vernon and Donnamae's Grandson.
Trevor in the pool.  Vernon and Donnamae's oldest Grandson.

Mark and Millie's Grandchildren

Bruce and Sharon's Triplets

A Picture of Lowell Hanks and his family. (Left to Right - Kelli, Troy and Daughter Ashalei, Marlene, Kevin, Mary and Lowell.)


Guess that is enough for now.

The end.

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